G&W eyes a sale of global operations to Brookfield

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GWA is actually an Australian company (Genesee & Wyoming Australia Pty Ltd) and not just a division of a US company. Once Macquarie own the business, they will own the name. If Brookfield-owned GWI want to take the G&W name out of circulation in Australia, they need to propose a deal which will be to the satisfaction of Macquarie-owned GWA.

An acceptable deal for Macquarie-owned GWA would be something along the lines of voluntarily renaming itself to something else within a year or so, in return for Brookfield-owned GWI agreeing that any further entry to the Australian market would use a name other than G&W.
While GWA operates through a locally registered company, as is the case with all subsidiaries of foreign companies, it is controlled by the US company and the contract of sale will dictate if the G&W name can be used. Often the contract will allow the buyer to continue to use the existing brand for a set period of time, maybe 6 months or so, during which time the business has to be rebranded.

The name will change at the time of the sale or shortly after.

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  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville
FWIW the sale of GWI to Brookfield went through on 30/12/19, which sort of places GWA in limbo as to the best of my knowledge the sale of of GWI's  51.1% in GWA to Macquarie Bank and PGGM, has not gone through, although it was supposedly to be concurrent with the sale of GWI to Brookfield.


Nor have I seen any recent updates on Aurizon’s legal challenge to the sale of GWA to Macquarie/PGGM which I believe GWI/GWA were to supposed to respond to by 31 October.

One source has suggested the sale of the stake in GWA to Macquarie etc should go through soon?
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I cant find the court listings (though the NSW Supreme Court database looks to be glitchy atm) - anyone have any better luck?

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