Does anyone have the file titled "" for TS20XX, Please!

  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Well, clearly the title says it all! I am looking for the AP Station Freeware Pack by Derek Siddle for TS20xx
I have tried finding it everywhere and found nothing at all, except for useless websites without the file I need!

The route I am trying to get working is the Tumulla Bank by Admiral Leviathan, I have tried contacting the author of the route to get the AP Station Freeware Pack file by Derek Siddle but I've got no response, so I am left with a dead non-working or functioning route

I do know that I need the Sherman Hill and Woodhead payware routes for the Tumulla Bank route to work! Personally the author should have removed payware route requirements and set it all to Kuju default objects and textures - I have successfully changed the Sherman Hill requirements to Kuju default Sky, terrain and textures which is great but all the track is ghosted, scenery objects are ghosted and roads are ghosted in the Tumulla Bank route - I can't work out how to fix it Sad Yet!

If I can remove the AP Station and if any objects used from the Sherman Hill and Woodhead payware routes that'll be great and then I will not need to try and find the useless AP Station Freeware Pack that's no longer available, personally the author of that should have uploaded the file everywhere where it can be available! It's the one thing that makes me mad the most is when freeware models or addons vanish when they should be still available

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  justapassenger Minister for Railways

I will make four suggestions for you:

1. Try posting on a more specialist forum for your query. There are other websites which have far more users of the Train Simulator series than this site, maybe starting with a Google search for Train Simulator 2019 forum.

2. It is not for you to make demands (e.g. the author should have … twice in one post) on creators of freeware. A person who creates freeware does it primarily for themselves, they can use whatever assets they damn well please to make it as they want it to be made. Tacking on "personally" in front of a demand doesn't make it any less of a demand, it just makes you look like a passive-aggressive dikhead.

3. Remember that the creator of the freeware assets you refer to still owns the copyright on them, so others who do have copies of them might feel reluctant to share them with you until they have received permission from the owner.

4. When you do get onto a more suitable forum, try to make a more humble post asking for assistance. Leave out the grandstanding about asset requirements and the passive-aggressive demands, and you will have a better chance of someone with the right answer deciding to extend you their assistance. If you leave them in, then you're taking the chance that someone who could give you the assistance you are looking for might read it and think to themselves "gosh, cityrail-rulez is a spoilt little brat, no way am I making any effort to help him" rather than helping. Take this as a chance to learn a life lesson about how to effectively communicate.
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Thanks for the heads up Smile I should have known better not to make demands as such! I absolutely know what you mean, I already have regrets about my past on Railpage but I will always appreciate everyone who has been there for me and helped me out on Railpage regardless of the problems I stirred up on the forums regarding MSTS!

I will check out the forums for Train Simulator 2019, I didn't even think there was a forum! I really appreciate you letting me know SmileSmileSmile
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Thanks to a user on the Dovetail forums, the AP station Freeware Pack is within several routes which includes the required Woodhead route to get the Tumulla Bank route to work! Just buy the route and you'll get the AP Station Freeware Pack Smile

If I had known this in the first place, I wouldn't have posted this thread!

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