Someone get DTG to listen to suggestions!

  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

I just made a suggestion to DTG to add a few new features to TS20xx! Mostly for the editor! They sent me back a message saying, we have NO plans to change the Editor at this stage! It's really a simple FIX for track laying!

1) Allow points/or switches on curves
2) Left and Right Slip Points "Note: There is a Double Slip Point already, but no option for single slips!"
3) Allow a user to input Radius or Chain values of curves
4) Allow for points to go from Track A to Track C and so on! "Standard Points are Track A to Track B" which is normally available but noway to go from Track A to Track C etc..! It can be achieved however, but a little hard to explain!

Single slips can also be achieved in the game, but very complicated!
Just a simple FIX that DTG could do quite easily and they WILL NOT do it!!!

*Wondering!!! Is this game a complete waste of time?*

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