Scale Rail

  Guard Class 2 Chief Commissioner

Location: Elizabeth,South Australia
Has anybody downloaded 3dtrains "Scale Rail" and tried it in a route?
I have tried to sign up with 3dtrains, but have not been successful, and therefore am unable to download the public beta version.
Is it available anywhere else?

Any help appreciated.


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  Dandy1 Station Master

Location: Illinois, USA
Only available from 3D so far.

It is nice and so far the route builders that I know is half of them like it, half do not.

My personal insight is that it looks very nice on a route. I think the conflict is if you like to feature the trains, then do not detract from the trains with nice rails. Same with scenery, ect; it just a matter of taste.
  vline45 Station Master

Location: 9km out of SYD
Ive tried it out on the Illawarraand i gotta sy its pretty good to see some 3d sleepers from any of the views and there's concrete or wooden, so it suits. I didnt have trouble signing up for the forums to d/l it ( which i did today). REgards...

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