Ausset on its way!

  Mainnorthern Train Controller

Location: NSW
G'day i'm currently working as a graphics artist on the Ausset thread, i've mostly completed a 90,NR,44,48,cph,38,32,600/700 ,-FO ,Aurora cars, NGLX, coal wagons,NGTY and HUB/RUB and others.We have another artist also producing some good work.I'm known as coalroads artist there and anyone interested in TTD [u]patch should have a look at the thread if they have not done so already.I'm guessing that other members here are also memebers there Wink .The set will take while as myelf and the other artist/s are pretty busy at the moment. Its amazing to see how many people are interested in TTD patch.Gives some motivation to complete graphics in Ausset. Smile

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  aussiebbq Assistant Commissioner

Location: Ballarat, Australia
About eight months ago i started work on a VR-Set, where i never go it finshed i did get a bit done. You can use them if you like.
  whitehandindustries Station Master

Hey! I'm WhiteHand, am I'm the administrator of the Ausset. I'd hope that anyone who can draw could please help out as we haven't got a lot done recently!
  Mike_in_the_west Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
For lomo or TTD?
  nazarail Chief Commissioner

Location: Between BN 80 UL and BN 87 UL
i guess TTD
  gboaf Assistant Commissioner

I've got some Australian trains for TTD, mostly NSW GR /PN trains.

I'm wondering if any of the following are available:


I'm also wondering if there are any of the large coal hoppers available? What  I'm using now can only take around 45T per car - quite limiting.

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