The Willunga Railway Line

  409 Minister for Railways

The 900's do have one thing that has to do with EMD, their bogies, they are almost identical to the GM EMD 'E' series express passenger locomotives in the USA. The only differences I can see is different electrical gear and of course, the gauge.

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  benscaro Chief Commissioner

The bogies of a 900, while so similar enough to an E unit that they can be modelled using E unit bogies as a basis for castings, are a longer wheelbase.  The 900 wheelbase is pretty much the same as the Alco PA.  

Check a model E unit and a PA and you should see [provided both are prototypical] that the PA truck is a fair bit longer.

  SAR621 Chief Commissioner

When I was flying past on the troopie the other day i noticed the bogies were built by a victorian or NSW firm. Ill take some pictures on friday when i go yard spraying. Dave
  409 Minister for Railways

In my opinion, the 900's are a mish-mash of locomotive designs, the bogies of an E, the nose (with the grilles added) of a PA and an engine from the other side of the Atlantic. Quite a mish mash indeed! Very Happy
  Alco_Haulic Chief Commissioner

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Mish Mash!

The 900 was based heavily on the PA for the styling, the reason the grills were added to the nose was concerns over hot air being used for the blowers. They figured that air from the nose would be cooler than from anywhere else, even on 40degree days.

The trucks I don't know about, were they cast or welded? If they were welded I'd say they built at Islington, if they were cast, then hsomeone else might be able to explain.
  SAR621 Chief Commissioner

  Like i said, the bogies were built interstate. Ill get a picture of the makers name on friday for you all. Dave
  409 Minister for Railways

When I had a look at the bogies on 900 at the NRM. I found out why they were A-1-A A-1-A's, the traction motors are huge! They would obviously take a large overload.
  Alyx Chief Commissioner

Location: Adelaide, Australia
Thanks for those links and images blueheeler  Smile
  GNR10 Chief Commissioner

That's one beautiful loco. Why weren't any 710s preserved?
  kipioneer Chief Commissioner

Location: Aberfoyle Park
That's one beautiful loco. Why weren't any 710s preserved?

When the appropriate time came to preserve one of the 700 / 710 class a 700 got the gong, because the two classes were much the same and a 700 was available.
The great pity is that there are no 600 class and 720 class locomotives preserved, nor an S.
  aragorn Assistant Commissioner

Location: Perth

But as is the case with this government, an expressway was built instead, a useless oneway expressway at that!

A one way expressway, how the heck does that work??

I thought building roads was the SA govt's strong suit!
  rhino Chief Commissioner

Location: Oakbonk SA

A one way expressway, how the heck does that work??

I thought building roads was the SA govt's strong suit!

Yes, it's sad, isn't it? Sad
Back in the 1960s, building good roads was one of South Australia's strong points. Even into the 1980s. Now the money has run out.

To see how the Southern "Expressway" works, look here:
  2001 The Snow Lord

Location: The road jump at Charlotte Pass. Paxman Valenta on two planks.
It's suprising of the almost 'hidden' remnants that are still on the Willunga route.  Apart from the obvious landmarks, like, for example, the Willunga station, Onka' Bridge; there's MUCH to be discovered by the 'railway archeologist' in merely a short day stroll along the corridor.

The last time I was walking along a section of the old corridor I noted, amongst MANY other 'almost hidden/ hidden' artefacts,

*telegraph pole , still erect, and with insulators.
*concrete footings for semaphore signals
*Timber sleepers  in situ....  Yes , in Morphett Vale I counted several sleepers unmoved from the track bed (!)
*Track ballast still evident in some places.

The list goes on!.
  1S47 Assistant Commissioner

Location: On the Down Fast

Back in the 1960s, building good roads was one of South Australia's strong points. Even into the 1980s. Now the money has run out.

A bit OT, but here's my prediction for the 1-way Southern Expressway.

Looking ahead a few years......
- State Govt congratulates itself in its foresight building this hi-tech road, and all the new development in Sthn suburbs which has resulted.
- by this time, all the new developments mean a 2-way expressway is needed.
- no money in govt coffers to build the extra lanes (despite all the ongoing gambling/property tax/speed camera tax windfalls!!).
- so need to engage a private company to build the extra lanes.
- govt sell the expressway to a private concern for knock-down price (it's only half a road after all), who then turns it into a proper 2-way road.
- private compny recovers cost by becoming a TOLLWAY in both directions.
- and it's still publicised as hi-tech road 'cos now they use e-tags to rake in the tolls.

Another prime opportunity to sell off assets, then siphon the $$ out of pockets of ordinary Australians into the pockets of large (overseas) corporations.
I hope I'm wrong!
  witsend Chief Commissioner

Location: Front RH Seat of a School Bus
Southern Expressway Works = Oxymoron.
  dvdplaza Chief Train Controller

The right-of-way still exists through Hallett Cove as far as I can see from very recent mapping.   Doesn't mean to say that it hasn't been appropriated for other uses though.
The corridore between Hallett Cove and Sheidow Park will shortly have a road built on it, linking the Hallett Cove shopping centre directly to Lander Ave in Sheidow Park.

Funding was approved last year and the signs marking off the old railway corridore as a new road are up.  I believe the work, including a new intersection on Lonsdale Hwy, will begin sometime this year inline with the major upgrade to the Hallett Cove shopping centre itself.

They are also taking advantage of this work to finish the bikeway that travels along the former railway line.  Presently it goes all the way from McLaren Vale to Sheidow Park (albiet they are still finishing bits and pieces off at various points) - however once you hit Sheidow Park you're left high and dry.  They'll be constructing a dedicated bikeway along the new road, and then I believe continuing from the shopping centre through to Marino - where Marion Council have long desired the Willunga bikeway to reach.
  shrdlu Train Controller

Location: Podunk Hollar

Just for the record, there is no such place as Hallett's Cove in South Australia. The correct name is Hallett Cove. Not having a go, just pointing it out. And I admit I don't know what it says on the sign at the railway station.

In the 60s, the moveable destination board on the platform at Adelaide Station used to say "Hallett Cove". But just about everyone used to call it Hallett's Cove, and I recall one fellow student at the time being very scornful about the platform sign, which he regarded as pompous.

Being a Pom, I don't care much either way. (We used to wind up that student by calling "Adelaide Uni" "North Terrace" - I was at Flinders Uni at the time.)
  random_dan Beginner

after growing up (and still living in) Hallett Cove, it's great to read this topic to find out further information about "what used to be" before i was around.

all i remember is the remnance of the train corridor along the side of quailo ave, leading towards perry barr road. when i was younger, there were parts of tracks and electrical poles still evident. as i progressed through high school more and more became filled with rubble, most especially along shakes crescent which is now a playground (and soon so become the new Hallett/Sheidow connector road).
  2001 The Snow Lord

Location: The road jump at Charlotte Pass. Paxman Valenta on two planks.
Originally, the suburb of Hallett Cove was split in two distinct parts :- the northern portion of the suburb was popularly named "Hallett Cove Estate", and the southern portion "Hallett Cove Beach"

Prior to the extension of the Cove Road in the 80's, there was no direct road link between the two 'halves' of Hallett Cove.

To drive from the north to the south of the suburb, or vice-versa, one had to take the long beeline trip via Marino and Ocean Boulevarde.
  random_dan Beginner

There is only one "Hallett Cove Estate" sign left visible. Previously, around 1995 the brown "  " sign on the Majors Road corner was removed. The last white sign is on the Scholefield Road corner - probably the last remnance of the Hallett Cove Estate ever being.

  shrdlu Train Controller

Location: Podunk Hollar
This will function as a tantalizing advance announcement!

A friend has managed to come up with a May 1954 Timetable for the Adelaide to Willunga service. I've sent him an email to ask whether it would be all right to post it here. It should also be added to the Timetable folder that comes with Allan's Adelaide Route for MSTS. As soon as I get the expected all-clear, I'll post it.

Basically, what you got was an up Mon-Sat morning train into Adelaide, with an afternoon return Mon-Fri and a lunchtime return Saturdays, reflecting the practice in those days of Saturday being only a half-day at work. (That practice, but not the Willunga trains, continued until at least the late 60s.) Rather charmingly, there was also a Saturday run into and out of Town that would have enabled one to go to the movies.

Also, going by this timetable, the consists might have had to run with empty stock in one direction, which would not exactly have helped to make the service economical to run. Maybe they were parked overnight in the Willunga yard, though. The loco could have stayed there, too, or run light engine back to Mile End.
  2001 The Snow Lord

Location: The road jump at Charlotte Pass. Paxman Valenta on two planks.
Steve, I've recently purchased a book which has a large colour photo of Reynella Station in the late 50's.

There is a Brill railcar set parked at the platform, which as you already know was the terminus of the Sunday service.

I don't have the yard diagram, but my belief is there was no triangle at Reynella, therefore the Railcars must have operated there in sets.

Can you remember this ?

Also, I add this theory - the Sunday service to Reynella perhaps existed in lieu of a local bus service into the city.

I assume that it was Briscoes at that time who operated the bus services in that region of the south.

****PS.....How are you coping with the heat, Steve?! Wink
  vinelander Junior Train Controller

How soon after closure was this line pulled up?
Is it an urban myth that the last train dragged a single chisel-plough?
  SAR621 Chief Commissioner

A Brick. It was getting so bad, they'd run a 500 with a DWf and brakevan with a broom for the local stationmaster.

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