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Railpage Australia™

Announcements and notices regarding the site as a whole, and the forums specifically. If you have any questions on the site, or a bug to report, post it here.

Last post by X'Trapolis-904M in The Next Railcam Project on April 24th

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Help For Beginners

If you're new to the site, we encourage you to read the Announcements and Stickies in this forum before posting anything. Feel free to post any questions you may have about the site!

Last post by michaelgreenhill in How do I post photos? on April 16th

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Discussions for lineside locations.

Last post by hunslet1915 in NSW, AU - Homebush on April 6th

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Discussions for news articles. To create a new topic, please click the "Discuss this news article" link within the article itself.

Last post by doyle in Rail corridor takes shape on April 24th

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New South Wales

Discussions on New South Wales railways and the associated news and events. Includes Regional NSW Trainlink train services, as well as overlap with Canberra (ACT) threads.

Last post by Nightfire in Future prospects for CountryLink ? on April 24th

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Sydney Suburban

Discussions about the Sydney Trains rollingstock and infrastructure, as well as NSW Trainlink electric train services.

Last post by dirge in Opal card questions on April 24th

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News in Victoria. Includes country and metropolitan services. Discussions for Melbourne suburban passenger services (Metro) should be posted in the Melbourne Suburban forum.

Last post by gomer in Where am I Victoria? - Non Cryptic - #3 today at 12:16am

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Melbourne suburban

Discussions relating to the Melbourne Suburban Rail/Tram Network contained in Myki Zones 1 and 2.

Last post by Gauntlet in Where am I? #4 on April 24th

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Queensland News and events, discussions and gossip. Includes QR and PN Queensland.

Last post by mb67 in Carriages at Freshwater Station on April 24th

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South Australia

Discussions based on railways and concepts based in South Australia.

Last post by justapassenger in Tookayerta (Loxton) & Pinnaroo lines to close on April 24th

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Railways in Tasmania. News events and discussions

Last post by 12CSVT in Unusual Sightings on April 24th

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Western Australia

West Australian discussion board

Last post by asmay2002 in Standard Gauge wagon pages go live on April 24th

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Northern Territory project, news, events and discussions

Last post by greasyrhys in Red & Silver Ghan loco sightings on April 16th

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Discussions, happenings and news from around the ACT

Last post by dthead in 6029 Restoration on April 20th

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Discussions on the various government, private and heritage operators who run on the networks.

Last post by freightgate in Qube and Horsham Traffic on April 21st

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Locomotives and Rolling Stock

Discussions on Locomotives and associated rolling stock

Last post by Shacks in Use of PN 92 Class in ECP Coal Trains on April 24th

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Signalling and Infrastructure

Discussions on Signalling and signal systems. This forum has also been expanded to cover railway infrastructure projects

Last post by Sulla1 in Inland railway Melbourne - Brisbane on April 24th

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A forum on traffic sightings from around the country updated in real time

Last post by sashmo in Miscellaneous NSW sightings on April 24th

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General Railway Discussions that don't fit into any of the above areas of interest

Last post by AndrewG in Collecting lamps on April 16th

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Australian Rail Employment

For all your enquiries about employment in the rail industry. Note that this is NOT for advertising of positions!

Last post by Zef in Aurizon jobs on April 23rd

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Trams and Light Rail

A discussion forum for tram and light rail news and information.

Last post by Chrono Detector in Unusual tram sightings - Melbourne on April 24th

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MSTS General Discussions

A forum for the open and free discussions on Microsoft Train Simulator, its add-ons and features. Support board to train simular add-ons at Railpage Australia™.

Last post by Midnight_Poet in Local source for Raildriver desktop controller? on April 24th

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MSTS Routes

MSTS Route discussions and Information. Place all messages regarding the building and scoping of routes for MSTS in here.

Last post by cityrail-rulez in The Melbourne Railway Project on January 25th

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MSTS 3D design. Place all messages regarding the design and construction of 3D models for MSTS in here.

Last post by cityrail-rulez in MSTS NSW 90 Class... Coming Soon!!! on February 3rd

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Trainz General Discussions

A forum for Australian discussions on Auran Trainz / UTC / TRS2004 & Paint Shed. Auran Trainz main webiste:

Last post by BruceKelt in NSW Trainlink V-set Livery for Trainz (WIP and Preview only) on April 13th

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MetroMSTS Projects

In light of our recent project - the Metro Modern Fleet - Siemens and X'Trapolis Project 2013, and upcoming Lilydale/Belgrave via City Loop route to commence production in March 2013, our team has decided to start a new MSTS Forum

No Posts

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MS Train Simulator X

Discussions on the new Microsoft Trainsimulator X. Following the successful release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, the Aces Studio is using the same technology to develop a new version of Microsoft Train Simulator. Unrelated to our previous Train Simulator development efforts, this version will be an all-new product built on the Flight Simulator X platform, the culmination of 25 years of product development and technology.

Last post by WOB in New Simulator : OpenBVE - Wow! on January 11th

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Open Rails

Our goal is to enhance the railroad simulation hobby through a community designed and supported platform built to serve as a lasting foundation for an accurate and immersive simulation experience. By making the source code of the platform accessible to community members, we ensure that Open Rails will continually evolve to meet the technical, operational, graphical, and content building needs of the community. Open architecture ensures that our often considerable investment in building accurate representations of routes and rolling stock will not become obsolete due to 'economic realities'.

Last post by woodford in Open rails multiplayer? on April 8th

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BVE Trainsim

BVE Trainsim (originally Boso View Express) is a Japanese three-dimensional computer-based train simulator. It is notable for focusing on providing an accurate driving experience as viewed from inside the cab, rather than creating a network of other trains —other trains passed along the route are only displayed as stationary objects.[3] BVE Trainsim was developed by Takashi "Mackoy" Kojima starting in 1996, with the original program name coming from the Japanese 255 series multiple unit trains found in routes in Japan. Although the internal working of the BVE Trainsim program itself cannot be modified, additional routes and train cab views can be added via a number of text-based configuration files.[6] Route builders have produced over 300 additional routes for the program,[9] along with matching cab environments. Routes built by independent developers simulate rail activity in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

Last post by WOB in Wiki for OpenBve Trains on April 7th 2013

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Model Railways - General Discussions

A forum for discussion on model railways of any type including layouts and rolling stock

Last post by comtrain in Shrike Models on April 24th

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Australian Miniature Railways

A forum for discussing the construction of steam, petrol electric and battery electric locomotives as well as comments etc on the current miniature railways around at the moment. Also includes rollingstock construction.

Last post by TomBTR in Where is it? Quiz! on April 21st

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Gheringhap Loop

A discussion List for Graeme's Gheringhap Loop Sightings Group. Can be found at

Last post by X'Trapolis-904M in Graham back in hospital 23-4-2014 on April 23rd

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Railway Archaeology

Railway Archaeology: Discussions in relation to closed railways and physical remains of buildings and structures.

Last post by wally-wowser1 in Railway Archaeology: where is it? #2 on April 19th

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Railway Photography

Discussion about photography of railways (and trams). Including discussion on films, cameras, and other equipement.

Last post by GeoffreyHansen in The two Great Train races of Maitland Steamfest (yes two!) on April 16th

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Radio and Scanning Discussions

This forum covers all conversation regarding radio and radio use together with the use of Radio scanning and internet based radio broadcasts. Relevant due to the number of people scanning railway frequencies.

Last post by JimYarin in Metro Staff Frequencies on January 21st

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Other Transport

Discussion about transport other than railways and tramways. This can include but is not limited to Bus, Aircraft and Boat/Ferry transport.

Last post by wanderer53 in Eurotunnel on April 24th

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The Bogies

Home of the Railpage Awards.

Last post by X'Trapolis-904M in The Bogies 2013-Best-Youtuber in trains on January 29th 2013

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Preservation and Tourist Railways

Discussions specific to preservation groups and tourist railways within Australia.

Last post by Fireman Dave in Easter Bunny Express on April 24th

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International News

Discussions on generic international news and events of a railway or tramway nature or which cover more than one region.

Last post by wanderer53 in Regular Passenger Workings on Obscure Routes today at 12:08am

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NZ and Oceania

Last post by wanderer53 in NZ - Dunedin on April 24th

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East and South East Asia

Last post by wanderer53 in The Philippines today at 12:14am

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South Asia and Middle East

Last post by wanderer53 in Pakistan on April 24th

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UK and Europe

Last post by wanderer53 in UK - London Overground today at 12:12am

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North America

Last post by wanderer53 in Wyoming today at 12:04am

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Central and South America

Last post by wanderer53 in Brazil - Rio on April 23rd

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"I hear the raaaains down in Africaaaa..."

Last post by wanderer53 in Ethiopia on April 24th

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The Lounge

The Lounge is a general forum for discussions not related to any particular area of interest. It is a place for general discussions about life, the universe and everything.

Last post by David Peters in Earn yourself some money from your hobby on April 24th

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Test Forum

This is just a test forum. Auto-pruning set to 21 days (3 weeks).

Last post by X'Trapolis-904M in Ustream on March 30th

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Armchair Operators

A place where you can set up your own operator from the comfort of your armchair!

Last post by eddyb in Parrahub on March 18th

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Archived Threads

Threads from old forums which have been closed due to inactivity.

Last post by Salty21 in I am KING OF WORLD on September 8th 2013

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