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Tailem Bend, SA

There are large grain storage silos and bunkers, where branch lines into the Murray Mallee join the main line. The two remaining branches are to Pinnaroo and Loxton via Karoonda (which used to be the junction for more branches). These two lines have been converted to standard gauge to be compatible with the main line (which was also converted from broad gauge), however they remain as light rail and ballast with very low speed limits. They are only used for collection of bulk grain, as the speed limits are too low to be practical for transport of time-sensitive freight. The Pinnaroo line continues (but presently remains broad gauge) into Victoria to Ouyen where it joins the Mildura to Melbourne line.

Pitnacree Road Overbridge, NSW

One of the best spots for Up and Down trains in both directions in the Hunter Valler

East Maitland, NSW

The view from Pintacree Road gives great views of up trains.

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