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Hawkesbury River Station, NSW

Has a great location though trains to Sydney can be difficult to photograph if the sun is out as it is prone to shine into the lens of the camera. Otherwise great location and food readily available nearby at the takeaway.

Pitnacree Road Overbridge, NSW

One of the best spots for Up and Down trains in both directions in the Hunter Valler

East Maitland, NSW

The view from Pintacree Road gives great views of up trains.

Wallendbeen, NSW

Wallendbeen is a small town in southern New South Wales, Australia, administered by Cootamundra Shire Council. At the 2006 census, Wallendbeen and the surrounding area had a population of 316. The town's name is derived from an aboriginal word for "stony hill".

Tarago, NSW

Originally known as Sherwin's Flats, the town took the name "Tarago", possibly an Aboriginal word meaning "country", from the town presently known as Lake Bathurst, which is located 7 km north of Tarago. The name change coincided with the railway line's arrival and the opening of the station on 3 January 1884. The town of Tarago serves the adjoining large Woodlawn Mine site. The mine, which operated from 1978 to 1998 extracted gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc from deposits formed within the Lachlan Fold Belt. During the period of mining operations, goods sidings were added at the town's railway station to facilitate the transfer of minerals to and from the site. Tarago is located on the Bombala branch railway line from Goulburn and as such is served by a thrice-daily NSW TrainLink Xplorer service from Sydney to Canberra. The rail service is the only public transport that serves Tarago. (wikipedia)

Callington Curves, SA

Great views of trains negotiating the curves near Callington

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