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Daylesford Station, VIC

Operating base for the Daylesford Spa Country Railway

Musk Station, VIC

Station on the Daylesford Spa Country Railway. Features a mallee shed and classic VR timber platform. Current terminus of DSCR operations until the Bullarto section is rebuilt.

Twin Dams, Musk, VIC

Some great possibilities at this location on the Daylesford Spa Country Railway. Located between dams on either side of the line, there is a high embankment at the edge of the wombat state forest followed by some reverse curves approaching Quines Road.

Sleeps Hill Tunnel, SA

Sleeps Hill Tunnel (Adelaide end) excellent in the morning but only good for Adelaide bound trains. Use Google or street map to get there. From Goodwood Rd, take Grandview Drive and then left into Panorama Drive and follow to the end turn right onto Sleeps Hill Drive. Park the car and cross the line at the pedestian crossing and walk right 300m up towards the Tunnel. Here you can shoot low or climb the old roadway for a higher shot. Trains can be heard coming from the other side of the hill.

Pitnacree Road Overbridge, NSW

One of the best spots for Up and Down trains in both directions in the Hunter Valler

East Maitland, NSW

The view from Pintacree Road gives great views of up trains.

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