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Herne's Oak loop, VIC

A loop used for crossing trains (1 in 400 gradient) The track between here and Moe is a 1 in 50 gradient uphill and downhill for a few kilometers, with several scenic lineside locations located along the service tracks on each side (North/South) of the rail line

Telephone Road, Trafalgar, VIC

Straight stretch of track for approaching down trains provides a dramatic shot as they storm into frame. Up trains can be captured as they round the curve on the east side of the level crossing. Easy access from the freeway and ample safe parking makes this a great photo spot.

Drouin Bank, VIC

Towards the top of Drouin Bank, this spot is easily accessible by road and only a short detour from the freeway. Still air can give minutes of audio of trains tackling the bank well before they come into view.

Tramway Road, Morwell, VIC

Junction on the east side of the level crossing for the APM line at Morwell.

Steamrail Victoria, VIC

Steamrail Victoria

Newport Workshops, VIC

Home of Steamrail Victoria, R707 Operations & DERM PAV

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