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Cooks River Yard, Sydenham, NSW

Cooks River Yard is a staging point for many regional NSW freight serv...

Masters Siding, Mascot, NSW

Named for the siding at this location, this is a publicly accessible f...

Waterworth Park, Tempe, NSW

This waterside park is located approximately five minutes walk from Te...

Kilvington Drive, Emerald, VIC

On the Gembrook side of Emerald station, good views are afforded of tr...

Nobelius Siding, VIC

Good views from the siding of trains in both directions.

School Road, Menzies Creek, VIC

On the Belgrave side of Menzies Creek, this location provides excellen...

Menzies Road, Menzies Creek, VIC

Views of trains in both directions

Tea Tree Loop, TAS

Short crossing loop on the main line from Hobart to Devonport and Laun...

Campania Cemetery, TAS

Elevated front-on shot of northbound trains. Line sweeps around to the...

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