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Exeter Bank, NSW

If The Sun Is Right, you can get an excellent still or video of the loco's climbing Exeter bank. The steep grade provides excellent sound for a video.

Broadmeadow Roundhouse and Loco, NSW

Opened in 1924, at its busiest Broadmeadow depot featured two roundhouses with No. 2 turntable having 42 radial roads. It was the last stronghold of mainline steam in New South Wales, having the dubious honour of preparing the motive power for the last mainline NSWGR steam train in 1973. Due to a changing railway landscape the depot was closed on 24 December 1994. The closure is attributed to the increased through-running of locomotives (National Rail), and new motive power being serviced elsewhere (82 and 90 class locomotives, maintained at Kooragang Island). The remaining roundhouse structure around No. 2 turntable now houses several NSWRTM and RailCorp Heritage owned assets, including 4102.

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