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Pacific National Provisioning Centre, VIC

Preparation point for all PN standard gauge locos

North Dynon yard, VIC

Good views of trains assembling in the QRN yard at North Dynon

Sims Street junction, VIC

Enter off Sims Street. Junction for trains heading to North Dynon and South Dynon/Southern Cross station. Western entrance to the Pacific National loco provisioning centre. Location provides good views of trains in both directions, with plenty of signals to give advance warning of approaching trains.

Bunbury Street Tunnel, VIC

Popular location, facing the city. Covered by one of Railpage's Railcams.

South Dynon loco depot, VIC

Opened in 1964 by the Victorian Railways, as a replacement for North Melbourne loco depot. South Dynon loco depot is the servicing, maintenance and operations point for the majority of broad and standard gauge diesel locomotives in use in Victoria. EMD powered locomotives are the workshop's core business for maintenance, although ALCo products are occasionally maintained in the site's facilities. Due to privatisation of the rail freight and passenger services in the late 1990's, the site passed into the control of private rail operators and/or maintenance companies. Currently, the main shed at Dynon is occupied by EDi on the southern side, and Bombardier on the northern side. The former Dynon Car Shed is now occupied by Gemco (formerly Rail Technical Support, or RTS), who also perform diesel maintenance for varying customers. Note: New generation United Group built locomotives (NR's, 93's etc.) are serviced at a motive power provisioning facilty near Dock Link Road, and maintained at a specially-built facility in Spotswood, Victoria.

Bendigo Yard, VIC

The Bendigo Yard can be viewed from various positions and is located to the south of the railway station. Grain and goods trains ply these tracks on a regular basis.

White hills, VIC

Just north of Bendigo with nice open spaces

Echuca Station, VIC

Good views over the station and yard from the footbridge.

Schoolhouse Lane, VIC

I wonderful location. Lots of space and free from obstructions.

Manor Loop, VIC

A good place to park and watch the trains go by. Good views of trains in both directions.

Islington Workshops, SA

Maintenance and storage facility, site of the former SAR/AN workshops.

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