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Junee Roundhouse, NSW

Excellent place to visit. Lots of locos and rollingstock on display, and friendly staff and volunteers to give you a guided tour.

Junee station, NSW

Good views from the platform of trains in both directions.

Dimboola Station, VIC

Good views from the footbridge of trains in both directions.

Stawell station, VIC

Site of the former station of Stawell.

South Dynon loco depot, VIC

Opened in 1964 by the Victorian Railways, as a replacement for North Melbourne loco depot. South Dynon loco depot is the servicing, maintenance and operations point for the majority of broad and standard gauge diesel locomotives in use in Victoria. EMD powered locomotives are the workshop's core business for maintenance, although ALCo products are occasionally maintained in the site's facilities. Due to privatisation of the rail freight and passenger services in the late 1990's, the site passed into the control of private rail operators and/or maintenance companies. Currently, the main shed at Dynon is occupied by EDi on the southern side, and Bombardier on the northern side. The former Dynon Car Shed is now occupied by Gemco (formerly Rail Technical Support, or RTS), who also perform diesel maintenance for varying customers. Note: New generation United Group built locomotives (NR's, 93's etc.) are serviced at a motive power provisioning facilty near Dock Link Road, and maintained at a specially-built facility in Spotswood, Victoria.

Appleton Dock, VIC

Road overbridge gives good views of trains marshalling in the Appleton Dock siding

Pacific National Provisioning Centre, VIC

Preparation point for all PN standard gauge locos

North Dynon yard, VIC

Good views of trains assembling in the QRN yard at North Dynon

Kensington Railway Station, VIC

Kensington station opened on 1 November 1860 as part of the private Melbourne and Essendon Railway Company line to Essendon. The station closed with the line in 1864, but was reopened in 1871 under government ownership. The Melbourne-bound station building was constructed in 1886, as was the signal box beside the Kensington Road level crossing. The gates at the crossing were replaced by boom barriers in 1966.

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