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Chullora, NSW

Located on the Hume Highway. Location is only good if trains are parked in yard. Weekdays there is a bit of action there as well. Parking is in Murry St, (From Enfield). Good spot, you don't have to wait for hours, you just have to drive and have a look. The spot is good in the morning and good all day on a rainy day.

Horsham Railway Station, VIC

Horsham is a railway station located in the city of Horsham, Victoria, Australia. The station is located between Railway Avenue and Mill Street and is next to Urquhart Street.

Bunbury Street Tunnel, VIC

Popular location, facing the city. Covered by one of Railpage's Railcams.

Sims Street junction, VIC

Enter off Sims Street. Junction for trains heading to North Dynon and South Dynon/Southern Cross station. Western entrance to the Pacific National loco provisioning centre. Location provides good views of trains in both directions, with plenty of signals to give advance warning of approaching trains.

Pacific National Provisioning Centre, VIC

Preparation point for all PN standard gauge locos

North Dynon yard, VIC

Good views of trains assembling in the QRN yard at North Dynon

Callington Curves, SA

Great views of trains negotiating the curves near Callington

Port Pirie, SA

This location can be found at the UP area of Port Pirie Yard.

West Footscray pedestrian bridge, VIC

A pedestrian bridge with views to the west of the ARTC and Metro trackage, including the eastern end of Tottenham Yard.

Manor Loop, VIC

A good place to park and watch the trains go by. Good views of trains in both directions.

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