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Horsham Railway Station, VIC

Horsham is a railway station located in the city of Horsham, Victoria, Australia. The station is located between Railway Avenue and Mill Street and is next to Urquhart Street.

Bordertown, SA

Bordertown is a small South Australian town near the Victorian border. It is where the Dukes Highway and the railway line, the two main routes between Adelaide and Melbourne, cross Tatiara Creek. Bordertown is the commercial and administrative centre of the Tatiara District Council. Tatiara is the local Aboriginal word for "Good Country". Bordertown was established in 1852 when a direct route across the 90-mile desert was being planned for gold escorts from the Victorian goldfields to Adelaide. Police Inspector Alexander Tolmer was instructed to create a town as close as practical to the border.

Bathurst, NSW

The Great Western Railway (now the Main Western Line) was opened as far as Bathurst on 4 April 1876 by the then Governor of New South Wales, Sir Hercules Robinson. Tenders for the Railway Station buildings were called in 1875, and the Victorian Tudor style building in Keppel Street opened on the day the railway line arrived. Along with the station building a goods shed, Divisional Engineers office, and a grand two story Station Masters residence were also completed in 1876. Gas lighting was installed to the station and the adjoining Station Master's residence in 1882. Other early buildings and structures included a Stores office (c1876), coal stage (relocated from Raglan in 1877), new coal stage (1878), blacksmith’s shop (1878-1879), turntable (relocated from Rydal in 1879), enginemens depot (1879), engine shed (1881) and the West signal box (1885) During the 1880s the Railway Commission in New South Wales built workshops on the land adjoining the station. This started a large railway workers' community and a Rail Institute, which made many jobs available and drew thousands of workers to Bathurst. In the early years of the 20th century, Ben Chifley, later Prime Minister of Australia, attended night school and extension classes there. Union meetings Chifley attended at the Institute helped to shape his Labour convictions. Many changes and additions were made to the Bathurst rail yards in the late 19th century and 20th century, examples of which include the original stockyards (c1900), a wagon repair shed (1891), a new turntable (1897), platform lengthened (1897), waiting shed erected on the Down platform (1902), Down platform extended and widened (1911), line duplicated (1915) elevated coal storage (1916), refreshment room (1917), new T6 trucking yards (1927), and an additional signal box (East Box) in 1944.[2] Following WWII (between 1945 and 1960) there were as many as 500 railway workers working at Bathurst station and yard. By the 1970s, changes in freight transportation trends and the move from steam to diesel locomotives resulted in the redundancy of many buildings and former functions on site and the rationalisation of many structures. The refreshment room closed in 1968 and The Railway Institute in 1975. The station is the most westerly point of the ticketed Intercity network and is served by a single daily return service between Bathurst and Central, with a supplementary bus service that connects to additional Blue Mountains line services at Lithgow. The introduction of this train in 2012 was the result of campaigning by local lobby groups and a pre-election promise made by the state government

Exeter Bank, NSW

If The Sun Is Right, you can get an excellent still or video of the loco's climbing Exeter bank. The steep grade provides excellent sound for a video.

Manildra station, NSW

Site of Manildra station, now absorbed into the flour mills.

Murtoa Railway Station, VIC

Murtoa is no longer used as a passenger station following the withdrawal of the V/Line Dimboola service in 1993. The station however still functions as an important location for Freight Australia where it serves as the junction for the Hopetoun branch. The station used to have a dock platform for the Hopetoun branch. People in Murtoa have called on The Overland, the interstate rail journey that runs from Adelaide to Melbourne to make Murtoa an additional stop for the train service. (wikipedia)

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