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Kilmore East Road Bridges, VIC

This position allows for fairly good warning of Northbound trains, and very good warning of Southbound trains as there are signals for both gauges for trains heading in that direction. To get into the place, you'll need to turn into a driveway just before the bridge where rail passes over the Kilmore East road, and take the access track that branches off from the driveway to the right (see satellite picture). From there, just drive up a bit and wait for some action. A word of notice though, sometimes, particularly when the weather has been wet, there can be large puddles preventing the photographer from getting too far up the track.

Kilmore East curves, VIC

Until recently, good views of trains in both directions. Vegetation has regrown recently, making photography difficult.

Horsham Railway Station, VIC

Horsham is a railway station located in the city of Horsham, Victoria, Australia. The station is located between Railway Avenue and Mill Street and is next to Urquhart Street.

Kilmore East Quarry, VIC

Quarry at Kilmore East operated by Hanson.

West Footscray pedestrian bridge, VIC

A pedestrian bridge with views to the west of the ARTC and Metro trackage, including the eastern end of Tottenham Yard.

Cullerin, NSW

Located on the old hume highway in Southern New South Wales. Makes for a nice location with the Cullerin Ranges in the vicinity.

Wallendbeen, NSW

Wallendbeen is a small town in southern New South Wales, Australia, administered by Cootamundra Shire Council. At the 2006 census, Wallendbeen and the surrounding area had a population of 316. The town's name is derived from an aboriginal word for "stony hill".

West Jindalee Road, Jindalee, NSW

Location in NSW and just off the Olympic Highway

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