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Canterbury Station, NSW

Canterbury Station, located on the CityRail network is an excellent vantage point to both view and photograph the traffic on the Metropolitan Goods Line between Enfield and Meeks Rd Junction. It is best used on an overcast and/or rainy day, as the shelter provided by the platform is adequate for photography, and the sun is almost always in a poor place for traditional photography.

Masters Siding, Mascot, NSW

Named for the siding at this location, this is a publicly accessible footbridge over the Metropolitan Goods Line at Mascot, located between Port Botany Yard and Cooks River Yard. An excellent viewing platform for traffic operating between Cooks River and Port Botany, and particularly good for photography on sunny winter days, as the sun is always on the side of the train (and usually on the nose too). Be warned that there is NO parking, best access is to walk from Mascot Station (CityRail and a 20 minute walk), or catch a route 400 bus (State Transit) from Rockdale or Domestic Airport stations. There does APPEAR to be parking nearby, however Australian Federal Police have been known to move people on in the past, and it is not worth the worry. Daytime traffic typically starts at approx 0800 and continues until approx 1500. As well as container traffic, there is often light engine movements being made and shunts between Cooks River, Masters Siding and Port Botany.

Cooks River Yard, Sydenham, NSW

Cooks River Yard is a staging point for many regional NSW freight services, which will often arrive as empty wagons from Port Botany and shunt the yard prior to departing to points North, West or South-West. It is a multi-user yard well populated with different operators, including Pacific National (Manildra Group), Qube Logistics, Freightliner and Sydney Rail Services. Former operator Independent Railways of Australia (now part of Qube Logistics) store a lot of their active and inactive motive power in the nearby James Siding. In addition to the container yard, Boral have a large facility alongside Alexandria Canal, and Pacific National shunt this siding twice daily with stone and sand traffic from Dunmore, as well as a nightly cement trip train from nearby Clyde Yard.

Waterworth Park, Tempe, NSW

This waterside park is located approximately five minutes walk from Tempe Station (see map), which is served by a half-hourly Sydney Trains service between Central and Waterfall/Cronulla on the Illawarra Line. The park offers shady places to sit and watch the trains crossing the Cooks River on the nearby rail bridge. The best time to visit this location is after lunch in Spring/Summer/Autumn, when the late is favorable for side-on shots of north and southbound trains. The best time to visit this park is without a doubt when southern line freight trains are being diverted to run via East Hills, as there is plenty of variety. On "normal" days, it is possible to get photos of Pacific National coal, grain and quarry trains running between Enfield and Wollongong.

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