2600 Class

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Originally model U22C, these thirteen locomotives were rebuilt from 2000 to their current forms. Numbers remained unchanged.


Introduced 1983
Wheel arrangement Co-Co
Manufactured by United Goninan - Townsville, Queensland
Traction type Diesel-Electric
Number in database 13
Length 18.89 metres
Weight 112.3 tonnes
Tractive effort 2,200hp
Production model C22-MMi
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Fleet status

Road number Gauge Status Last owner Last operator / caretaker
2600 Narrow1067mm Stored
2601 Narrow1067mm Operational
2602 Narrow1067mm Operational
2603 Narrow1067mm Operational
2604 Narrow1067mm Stored
2605 Narrow1067mm Operational
2606 Narrow1067mm Sold Overseas
2607 Narrow1067mm Stored
2608 Narrow1067mm Operational
2609 Narrow1067mm Operational
2610 Narrow1067mm Stored
2611 Narrow1067mm Stored
2612 Narrow1067mm Stored

Please note - in the case of scrapped, renumbered or rebuilt locomotives, the last operator or owner is listed.