48s Class (Silverton)

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When various NSW government owned assets were sold to private rail operators, some classes were split between government employ and private owners. The NSW Railways required private owners to renumber their locomotives to prevent confusion between private and government owned locomotives.Silverton bought a number of Mk1 48 Class locomotives from the NSW State Rail Authority, and renumbered them as "48s" class, along with their own DL531 units, and a pair of 830 Class purchased from Australian National.


Introduced 1959
Wheel arrangement Co-Co
Manufactured by A.E. Goodwin - Sydney, New South Wales
Traction type Diesel-Electric
Number in database 10
Length 13.49m
Weight 73.8 tonnes
Tractive effort 900hp
Production model DL531
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Fleet status

Road number Gauge Status Last owner Last operator / caretaker
48s28 Standard1435mm Operational Greentrains/Engenco QUBE Logistics
48s29 Standard1435mm Scrapped Greentrains/Engenco Southern & Silverton
48s30 Standard1435mm Renumbered Coote Industrial Southern & Silverton
48s31 Standard1435mm Scrapped Greentrains/Engenco Sydney Rail Services
48s32 Standard1435mm Scrapped Greentrains/Engenco South Spur Rail Services
48s33 Standard1435mm Operational Greentrains/Engenco John Holland
48s34 Standard1435mm Operational Greentrains/Engenco John Holland
48s35 Standard1435mm Operational Greentrains/Engenco John Holland
48s36 Standard1435mm Operational Greentrains/Engenco John Holland
48s37 Standard1435mm Stored Greentrains/Engenco Southern & Silverton

Please note - in the case of scrapped, renumbered or rebuilt locomotives, the last operator or owner is listed.