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The 423 Class were brought about when QRNational needed new standard gauge power for their new subsidiary Interail, in NSW. Six stored 1502 Class units were rebuilt with new cabs and painted in the colour scheme of Northern Rivers Railroad (albeit with Interail logos). The last two members of the class were instead delivered in the QRNational "Eagle" colour scheme. The class used surplus bogies from ex NSW SRA 49 Class, and were primarily deployed on push-pull coal workings in and around the NSW Hunter Valley.

The first two members of the class were built with the driving controls on the Queensland (right) side of the cab, although the final four members of the class were built with their driving controls on the other (left) side, as is standard for NSW. This resulted in a variation on the side the cab door is on, with it being on the opposite side on 42301/02 as it is on 42303-06.


Introduced 2002
Wheel arrangement Co-Co
Manufactured by Commonwealth Engineering, Eagle Farm, Queensland
Traction type Diesel-Electric
Number in database 6
Length 15.04 metres
Weight 95.1 tonnes
Tractive effort 1,500hp
Production model G22C
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Fleet status

Road number Gauge Status Last owner Last operator / caretaker
42301 Standard1435mm Operational Aurizon Aurizon
42302 Standard1435mm Operational Aurizon Aurizon
42303 Standard1435mm Operational Aurizon Aurizon
42304 Standard1435mm Operational Aurizon Aurizon
42305 Standard1435mm Stored Aurizon Aurizon
42306 Standard1435mm Stored QR National QR National

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