T Class (T357 - T366)

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As the Series One T Class before them, so too were the second series T Class ordered, the intention being to replace steam on the Victorian branch lines. The T Class fleet would be ordered and delivered in three separate series.

The second series of twenty one locomotives to be delivered were modified from the original design in that Clyde Engineering had raised the cab above the line of the hood to give more room to the crew.


Introduced 1961
Wheel arrangement Bo-Bo
Manufactured by Clyde Engineering - Granville, New South Wales
Traction type Diesel-Electric
Number in database 10
Length 13.56 metres
Weight 69.4 tonnes
Tractive effort 875hp
Production model G8B
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Fleet status

Road number Gauge Status Last owner Last operator / caretaker
T357 Broad1600mm Operational VicTrack Heritage El Zorro
T358 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T359 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T360 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T361 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T362 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T363 Standard1435mm Operational Southern Shorthaul Railroad Southern Shorthaul Railroad
T364 Broad1600mm Preserved - Operational VicTrack Heritage QUBE Logistics
T365 Standard1435mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T366 Standard1435mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line

Please note - in the case of scrapped, renumbered or rebuilt locomotives, the last operator or owner is listed.