T Class (T387 - T396)

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When the VR required further branch line locomotives they again approached Clyde Engineering to purchase more T Class locomotives. The third series would differ again from the first two series, with the short-end hood lowered to improve crew visibility. As a result, the third series were delivered with one control stand positioned for long-end leading operation, with the rationale being that the improved visibility would remove the need for a second control stand as the driver could remain in the same position even when leading with the short-end.


Introduced 1965
Wheel arrangement Bo-Bo
Manufactured by Clyde Engineering - Granville, New South Wales
Traction type Diesel-Electric
Number in database 10
Length 12.40 metres
Weight 69.4 tonnes
Tractive effort 875hp
Production model G8B
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Fleet status

Road number Gauge Status Last owner Last operator / caretaker
T387 Standard1435mm Stored Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia El Zorro
T388 Broad1600mm Stored Pacific National Pacific National
T389 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T390 Standard1435mm Operational Pacific National Pacific National
T391 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T392 Standard1435mm Stored Pacific National Pacific National
T393 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T394 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T395 Broad1600mm Preserved - Operational Steamrail Victoria QUBE Logistics
T396 Broad1600mm Stored Pacific National Pacific National

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