T Class (T397 - T406)

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When the VR required further branch line locomotives they again approached Clyde Engineering to purchase more T Class locomotives. The third series would differ again from the first two series, with the short-end hood lowered to improve crew visibility. As a result, the third series were delivered with one control stand positioned for long-end leading operation, with the rationale being that the improved visibility would remove the need for a second control stand as the driver could remain in the same position even when leading with the short-end.

T397 and T398 would be identical to the other third series T Class that preceded them, whilst T399 to T406 would be delivered with a heavier EMD 8-645E engine, which increased the weight of the locomotive accordingly whilst providing an additional 225hp. These heavier T Classes would be given the designation G18B, to distinguish them from the earlier G8B model.


Introduced 1966
Wheel arrangement Bo-Bo
Manufactured by Clyde Engineering - Granville, New South Wales
Traction type Diesel-Electric
Number in database 10
Length 12.40 metres
Weight 69.4 tonnes
Tractive effort 875hp (T397, T398) or 1000hp (T399 to T406)
Production model G8B (T397, T398) or G18B (T399 to T406)
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Fleet status

Road number Gauge Status Last owner Last operator / caretaker
T397 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T398 Broad1600mm Scrapped V/Line V/Line
T399 Broad1600mm Stored Pacific National Pacific National
T400 Broad1600mm Operational Pacific National Pacific National
T401 Broad1600mm Renumbered Freight Australia Freight Australia
T402 Broad1600mm Stored Pacific National Pacific National
T403 Broad1600mm Scrapped Australian National Australian National
T404 Standard1435mm Operational SCT Logistics SCT Logistics
T405 Broad1600mm Renumbered Freight Australia Freight Australia
T406 Broad1600mm Renumbered Freight Australia Freight Australia

Please note - in the case of scrapped, renumbered or rebuilt locomotives, the last operator or owner is listed.