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The need for the TR Class was borne out of the Tasmanian state Government's re-acquisition of TasRail. After decades of under-investment from AN, ATN and Pacific National, the loco fleet was old and tired, and comprised of many different classes with very little standardisation across the board. 

The TR Class is an entirely new class of locomotive for Australia, having been built overseas in Georgia, USA. The design has been carefully crafted to suit Tasmania's particular requirements in axle load, power and loading gauge. The contract was signed in mid December 2011 with delivery slated for 2013.

The first two class members were officially unveiled at TasRail's East Tamar Junction workshops on December 3rd 2013.


Introduced 2013
Wheel arrangement Co-Co
Manufactured by Progress Rail services, Patterson, Georgia, USA
Traction type Diesel-Electric
Number in database 17
Length 18.14m
Tractive effort 272kN
Production model PR22L
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Fleet status

Road number Gauge Status Last owner Last operator / caretaker
TR01 Narrow1067mm Operational TasRail TasRail
TR02 Narrow1067mm Unknown TasRail TasRail
TR03 Narrow1067mm Unknown TasRail TasRail
TR04 Narrow1067mm Operational TasRail TasRail
TR05 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR06 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR07 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR08 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR09 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR10 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR11 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR12 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR13 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR14 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR15 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR16 Narrow1067mm Unknown
TR17 Narrow1067mm Unknown

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