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The WAGR Y class diesel electric locomotives were introduced in 1953, and were operated by Western Australian Government Railways on their 3'6" 1067mm gauge network.

Eighteen locomotives were built by the British Thomson-Houston company, with the Clayton Equipment Company acting as sub contractor, and diesel engines supplied by Paxman. They were of the hood type, with a high short hood. They were fitted with driving controls for both directions.

Their Paxman 12RPHL diesel delivered 410 hp for traction into the BTH RTB8844 main generator supplying four BTH 124PV traction motors.

They were trialled on the Perth suburban network passenger services, but found to lack sufficient hauling capability (continuous tractive effort - only 40kN @ 19km/h) to maintain the timetable. They have been assigned to shunting, transfer and branch line work through their operational lives.

Like a lot of the Modernisation Era locomotive types in Britain, this was a design that was not perpetuated. Seven Y class locos have been preserved.

Sources include: Wikipedia, Locopage database, WAGR leaflet, Modern Railways, newsgroups and forums.


Introduced 1953
Wheel arrangement Bo-Bo
Manufactured by British Thomson-Houston, Rugby, UK
Traction type Diesel-Electric
Number in database 18
Length 32'10
Weight 38 ton, 39t
Tractive effort 102kN start, 40kN cont @ 19km/h
Axle load 10t
Production model BTH 1850
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Fleet status

Road number Gauge Status Last owner Last operator / caretaker
Y1101 Narrow1067mm Preserved - Static
Y1102 Narrow1067mm Preserved - Operational
Y1103 Narrow1067mm Scrapped
Y1104 Narrow1067mm Scrapped
Y1105 Narrow1067mm Scrapped
Y1106 Narrow1067mm Scrapped
Y1107 Narrow1067mm Preserved - Operational
Y1108 Narrow1067mm Preserved - Operational
Y1109 Narrow1067mm Scrapped
Y1110 Narrow1067mm Scrapped
Y1111 Narrow1067mm Scrapped
Y1112 Narrow1067mm Scrapped
Y1113 Narrow1067mm Scrapped
Y1114 Narrow1067mm Preserved - Operational
Y1115 Narrow1067mm Preserved - Operational
Y1116 Narrow1067mm Preserved - Operational
Y1117 Narrow1067mm Scrapped
Y1118 Narrow1067mm Scrapped

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