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Downer EDI and Pacific National sign billion dollar rail deal

Hunter engineering firm Downer EDI has signed a billion dollar rail maintenance contract at a time when union officials are questioning job cuts at some of its Newcastle sites.

US players eye Asciano freight rail business

AS ASCIANO'S talks with Chinese conglomerate China Merchants over the potential sale of a stake in its Patrick ports business drag on, it's understood some American groups are eyeing parts of the company's freight rail business.

Derailment at 'The Rock' on Southern NSW

It has been reported on Railpage it appears that an 81 class operated by Pacific National has dipped forward in The Rock Railway Yard and is off the rails while attaching to a branch line grain consist (4x 48 class) from the Boree Creek Branch.

Delivery of seven N-ViroMotive locomotives to Australian rail operator Pacific National

Rocky Condello, Director, Australian Operations for the US based locomotive manufacturer and supplier, National Railway Equipment Company (NRE), is pleased to announce that he has commenced delivery of seven N-ViroMotive locomotives to Australian rail operator Pacific National, an operating division of Asciano Limited, for operation in the BlueScope Port Kembla Steelworks.

Letters to the Editor

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Fantastic CSX Freight Train Footage From A High-Def Drone!

You can see an aerial view of this CSX freight passing over double diamonds!

An Increase in the Fares on the Bendigo Line Cannot be Justified

On Wednesday, 7 January I caught a Velocity from Melbourne to Bendigo, 2.

Train Makes A Tsunami Wave Dangerously Close To People!

Unbelievable shot of this commuter train BLASTING through standing water in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

New Zealand Rail News

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Plan B for Napier-Gisborne rail

Hawke's Bay Regional Council will consider alternatives to leasing the Napier-Gisborne railway line, such as re-opening the line's Wairoa-Napier section in a joint venture between KiwiRail and Napier Port.

Waikato youths playing a deadly game of rail roulette

Kids jumping off a rail bridge are grinding trains to a halt and risking life and limb.

Northern Territory Rail News

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Vision unveiled for Alice Springs railway redevelopment

A BOLD vision has been unveiled to build a new railway station and tourism precinct in the heart of Alice Springs.

'Idiotic' Katherine rail crash could cost $300,000

THE “idiotic” annihilation of a four-wheel drive that became stuck on a railway track in Katherine on Sunday morning provides a graphic safety reminder for motorists, according to the boss of the freight company whose 7100-tonne manganese train caused the damage.

'Young idiot' writes off 4WD after becoming stuck on Adelaide to Darwin rail track

A young man has had his new four-wheel drive dragged more than a kilometre by a freight train after trying to cross a track in the Northern Territory.

Darwin and Adelaide likely export hubs for Queensland uranium

The resurgence of uranium mining in Queensland is gaining momentum, and talk is growing about the economic opportunity that could provide for ports in neighbouring states and territories.


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Building more roads is not 21st century thinking

The trend is clear and it's been that way for a while.

Cyclists love rail trails

Cycling Times.

A special levy on land values would fund the Melbourne Metro Rail

The new Victorian Andrews government has lost no time putting its stamp on the future shape of Melbourne, funding the planning stage of the Melbourne Metro Rail tunnel – while fretting about the $9 billion cost.

Toll motorists to pay for rail tunnel, expert says

Labor should put tolls on the level crossings they remove and use the money to help pay for projects such as the metro rail tunnel, one of the state's leading transport thinkers says

Railpage Australia News

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TRAINS and Polar Bears on webcam

Polar bears and passenger trains on the same web cam.

Updates to Gheringhap Loop Camera Network

Railpage wishes to advise

Vandals attack the Hitachi Farewell Train Tour near Rushall in Melbourne

What was expected to be a fond farewell of the Hitachi  Electric Train was today marred by an attack on the train by vandals near Rushall Railway Station in Melbourne’s inner Northern Suburbs.

Essendon Model Railway Group - launches mini Buncam/Model Railcam

Essendon Model Railway Group has launched a model railway webcam which is now online at Railpage.

Railway Stories

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Zig Zag Railway battling adversity to finally get itself back on track

It has been the most frequently asked question from tourists in the area this summer when is the Zig Zag Railway reopening?

Hello everyone from the wilds of Central Burma!

I’m writing to you from Nay Pay Daw, the new capital built from scratch just 10 years ago in a fertile area of rice fields, lakes and rolling hills.

Puffing Billy keeps Australian steam train history alive

Puffing Billy keeps Australian steam train history alive

Art That Makes You Wish You Were There

“Some travel posters show you what you’ll see,” said Nicholas D.

Is This The Most Amazing Model Railway Ever Made? All 9 MILES of it!

Model trains have come a long way since your Dad bought you that Hornby ’00’ gauge set for Christmas way back in 1972.

Tasmanian Rail News

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Rail announced as preferred transport provider for new mine

TasRail has been selected by Australian Bauxite Limited as the preferred provider of land transport services for the proposed Bald Hill project.

Low speed derailment near Kimberley

TasRail confirms a low speed derailment of a south bound train caused a total of 10 wagons to come off the tracks last night.

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