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Model rail buffs back on track after Qld floods

Updated Monday, 8 October, 2012

A small group of Queensland model railway enthusiasts at Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, is back on track after devastating floods earlier this year.

Flooding earlier this year almost wiped out the Sunshine Coast Railway Modellers miniature train park.

The water was up to four metres deep and it covered the site.

Club president Ian Fulton says the railway enthusiasts cleaned up the mess and are once again providing enjoyment for all ages.

"I come here to have fun for myself and just share it with the public," Mr Fulton said.

"We like sharing it with people - we're just big kids anyway."

Doug Patterson says some adults are not above using their children to live out their childhood fantasies.

"You don't have to use the grandchildren as an excuse to say you like trains either," he said.