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Freight Train derails in Melbourne causing delays

in Asciano Wednesday, 4 December, 2013

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in Asciano Tuesday, 12 August

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Goods train from Mildura derails at West Footscray 29-11-2013

Updated Friday, 29 November, 2013

A freight train from Mildura to Melbourne has this morning derailed at West Footscray.  Railpage users report several wagons have left the rails with one wagon in particular lying partially on its side.

The train operated by Pacific National was en route to the Port of Melbourne when it left the rails mid morning.  The derailment clearly visible from the new West Footscray Railway Station is causing goods train delays in and out of Melbourne today. 

The track involving the derailment is leased from the Victorian Government and is maintained by the Federal Governments Australian Rail Track Corporation.

The above image shows the incident looking toward Melbourne with the image below the scene looking towards new West Footscray Railway Station.

Victorian Passenger Train operator Vline has been forced to delay some services and cancel others because of track bottlenecks and late running services into Melbourne.

Transport Safety Victoria personal are on-site together with Pacific National staff.

The line is not expected to be cleared until later this evening or tomorrow morning.