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V/LINE has succumbed to industry­ pressure and begun an independent review of the unprecedented heat restrictions applied to its rail network last summer.

DELAYS are expected to plague Victoria's regional rail network for the rest of the night following a horror day for commuters.

Sweltering conditions across the state meant services across the entire V/Line network experienced heavy delays, with buses replacing trains on multiple lines.

V/Line spokesman Colin Tyrus said the rail operator's heat speed restrictions and delays causing by drivers being out of position, combined to make many services more than an hour late.

FARMERS remain unimpressed by V/Line’s decision to allow trains to operate on two freight lines on hot days.

EXPORTS are standing still and rural communities are missing out financially because of the poor management of Victoria’s railway network.

Melbourne's rail system has collapsed once again with all services cancelled on eight lines and the closure of the city loop.

Connex commuters are being left stranded at city stations with services suspended on the Alamein, Williamstown, Epping, Upfield, Werribee, Sydenham, Craigieburn and Lilydale lines.

Extreme weather has been blamed for buses replacing trains between Camberwell and Alamein stations, Clifton Hill and Epping stations, Ringwood and Lilydale stations, and Newport and Williamstown.

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