Wall Street Darlings or Revenue Inadequate?

Thus, when Congress partially scrapped railroad economic regulation—beginning with the 1976 4-R Act and culminating with the 1980 Staggers Rail Act—in recognition of ubiquitous truck competition, regulatory oversight was retained for where railroads possess superior market power. Notably, Congress also instructed regulators to assist railroads in improving their earnings so as to attract needed capital.

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Rail Safety, Skateboards and Google

The clip highlights the challenges faced by all railroads, freight and passenger, when it comes to maintaining safety on the rails.

CRRC MA Refuting “Protectionist Rhetoric”

Asian Rail News
The infographic “importantly underscores that none of these critical systems are manufactured by any Chinese company, including CRRC MA or its subsidiaries,” CRRC MA said.

U.S. DOT Inspector General looks at FRA’s grade crossing accident statistics

The U.S. DOT Inspector General recently issued a report on the Federal Railroad Administration’s methods for obtaining and managing grade crossing accident statistics.

The Whippany Railway Museum, Whippany, New Jersey

Gunzelling Reports
New York City, New York is the largest metropolis in the United States of America.

A Look Ahead to Automatic

The test, called “Zero-to-Zero,” involved the latest iteration of New York Air Brake’s LEADER (Locomotive Engineer Assist/Display and Event Recorder) system.

PSR: Promise or Peril?

The NEARS April 2019 Spring Conference in Baltimore saw the second-largest attendance ever since the organization began holding the conference.

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