Vlocity disabled toilets,embarring moments

  Turbo Thomas Assistant Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Although i have never seen it, I reckon that the disabled toilets on the vlocity's are an extremely embarrassing moment waiting to happen.
All you need to do is forget to push the "lock" button, someone outside presses the "open" button and "oh sh--", the whole carraige sees you sitting on the throne.
Has anyone ever seen this happen or had it happen to them.
As an extra precaution, whenever I'm on a vlocity I will always use the other toilet which has a more conventional lock on it.

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  route14 Chief Commissioner

What excuse does one have for not pressing the lock button?
  duttonbay Minister for Railways

I don't know. How intuitive is it for the elderly?  

I must admit that very experience did happen to me. I was convinced I had pressed the lock button, but (fortunately as I was washing my hands) the door suddenly opened.  The person wanting to come in was more embarrassed than I was...

I can't remember - is there a separate lock and unlock button? How are they labelled?
  EL60 Chief Commissioner

Location: left
probaly they forget to lock the door, then they are the laughing stock on the train. you should always lock the door its says it on the sign as going into the toilet " please lock the door always to avoid total embarssement"
  santos Station Staff

Location: Traralgon
Exactly, there is sufficient signage and the conductors even sometimes mention it over the PA sometimes.
What more can VLine possibly do?
  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
Conductors sometimes make announcements in their opening spiel about the need to press the lock button in addition to the close door button.

You would assume when you press the close door button that the door would also lock - why would you want a toilet door closed by not locked?

The thing that worries me is that the sliding door itself wobbles about 10mm side to side on crappy track, even where the lock has been pressed.
  Ballast_Plough Chief Commissioner

Location: Lilydale, Vic
One possibility is to make it like an airline toilet. i.e. activation of the lock also turns the light on.
  peterjameswalsh Junior Train Controller

Location: Not drooling over a train, that's for sure.
Same thing on the Overdue. We were a first class carriage with the same system. The problem is that if you press it immediately once it has closed, the lock won't activate. You need to wait 1-2 secs before pressing. Happened to a person while we were travelling and they weren't washing their hands!
  duttonbay Minister for Railways

probaly they forget to lock the door, then they are the laughing stock on the train. you should always lock the door its says it on the sign as going into the toilet "lock the door to avoid total embarssement"

I hope the sign doesn't use quite those words...
  G516 Chief Commissioner

Location: Somewhere at Steamrail
I've seen it happen before. Would have been quiet embarrassing for the people involved.
  stick Locomotive Fireman

It happens quite a bit I have had 2 in a week you have to make it VERY clear what you are going to do because some people dont listen.
Very embarrasing for both parties.
  XAM2175 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Glasgow

I hope the sign doesn't use quite those words...

The exact wording is - or at least used to be - "To avoid embarrassment, press (key pictograph) to lock door."
  vlocity160 V/Gunzel

The decal as mentioned.

  Raichase Captain Rant!

Location: Sydney, NSW
Not just Vlocities, the current breed of new Cityrail trains also seem to have the same sort of mechanism, in that you need to lock them via a button. Confused the heck out of me first time I went in one!
  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
Not quite the same, but the IMU's in Brisbane had (and might still have) an Alarm button right beside the flush button. My sister used the throne, "flushed" and as she was sitting back in her seat, the Guard came out knocked and then went in. When we asked what the problem was, he explained the Alarm button was pressed and all was revealed...
  jim678 Junior Train Controller

Location: Bendigo Line
I've been unfortunate enough to see one that had failed - yes the person involved said that they pressed the lock button but while we were going past tottenham on smeggy track the torn opened half way. I have found my self that sometimes when u press lock once it just flashed but is still unlocked and you have to press it another time for it to lock. I think that vline should review these doors.
  dkaarma Chief Train Controller

It basically happens every-time i'm on a vlocity run, I t don't understand why there is a separate buttons to close and another to lock the door. it's not a very intuitive system unless your used to it.

I've only ever heard the conductor announcement once, ironically when I using it.
  2001 Moderator The Snow Lord

Location: The road jump at Charlotte Pass. Paxman Valenta on two planks.
Cue recorded message :

"Attention please ...  Audience are reminded not to resurrect old threads without an exceptionally good reason"

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