Welcome to the Railpage Employment Forum!

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Location: Melbourne, Australia
Welcome to the Railpage Employment Forum!

There have been so many people asking about employment here in Australia, as well as many threads on jobs in the industry. We have decided this will be a one stop shop for all these threads.

This Forum covers:[list][*]General information for the people from overseas who want to know what Australia is like as regards rail employment
[*]What do I need to study at school to maximise my chances of becoming a train driver?
[*]"My first day at work" type threads detailing people's initial experiences in the rail industry
[*]A place to ask questions about employment, condition, time, pay, qualification
[*]Alerts to potential jobs, or explain what the job really is. [/list]This section is not endorsed by any rail organisation, or employment organisation, so don't just post, "I want a job", or produce a resume!

I would suggest any employment posts be started here rather than in the state forums. Initially several thread may be moved here.

This forum is NOT the place for: [list][*]Current rail industry workers ranting against their employer's practices
[*]Jobs that are not directly linked to rail.
[*]Posting every job offer you see.[/list]As this is a new forum, it may take a while to settle down and for people to see and use it.
[*]Any non-serious banter. This is a serious forum and we want you treat it as such.

The Railpage Team

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