Spruce up plans for Melb Suburban trains

  tranzitjim Chief Commissioner

Location: Banned
My Source
An advertisement for tonights ch9 news, as I did just hear on 3aw radio, advertisement for tonights ch9 news

What did I hear
Sprucing up Melbournes trains.  More details tonight.

My input
What could such plans be?

Does anyone in vicsig know anything.

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  xtrap_heaven Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne's Train Network
I assume that this is talking about the clean and mini-refurbishment program curently taking place. This includes replacing seat covers on M>Comeng and Siemens trains to X'Trapolis style and replacing stickers and re-painting poles and handles. And a general tidy up of all trains.

By the time this is done they will be already be dirty as usual. Laughing
  Taitset Chief Commissioner

Location: Eltham, (former) vintage safeworking capital of Melbourne
I got an EDI with the new seat covers the other day, it actually looks pretty good.
  xtrap_heaven Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne's Train Network
I have seen the new Siemens seat covers - they look really good. I assume in a few years, all of the seat covers for EDI Comeng, Siemens and Hitachis will be "Connexised".
  alstom_888m Chief Commissioner

Anyone have any photos of the Connex EDi/CE yet?
  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

Location: Mundrabilla but I'd rather be in Narvik
Perhaps they could fix the lights in the Comengs while they are about it.

Most Comengs seem to have defective lights to some degree (or perhaps it is only one train and I have copped it every day for the last umpteen weeks) QuestionExclamation
  xtrap_heaven Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne's Train Network
I can confirm Siemens Unit 6 (711M-2506T-712M) has the Connex seat covers.
  MelbourneCity Chief Commissioner

Are there any plans to alter the colours of the doors?
Surely that would be a DDA compliance issue?

Yellow doors?
  Craig Chief Commissioner

Location: Edithvale, VIC
Anyone have any photos of the Connex EDi/CE yet?

404M-1018T-403M trailed the 16:52 up Frankston this afternoon. Here's two shots I took:

Kind Regards

Craig Smile
  xtrap_heaven Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne's Train Network
I beleive that the handles and poles on doors on Siemens and Comengs will be painted Connex green.
  trolleybusracer Deputy Commissioner

Location: St Albans Sydenham Watergardens Line
those seat frames need to be painted grey... that faberic doesnt look right without it
  METROL Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne,Vic
Change the seat bases to match alstom comengs
Check Here

however what i have seen in the media and out in public is a job well done,
i just appreciate Connex for asking the public how they should improve the network, it shows commitment and they give customer satisfaction in the long run

what do you all think about this statement is it true or have i missed something, open comments on my statement
  xtrap_heaven Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne's Train Network
Rode on Unit 6 yesterday. On the 3:06 UP Pakenham.

Managed to get a pretty crappy pic on my phone.

  Knowitall Banned

Location: Banned
There are people bitching that changing the seat pads is a waste of money

and then others complaning that they didn't spend more by painting the bases and handles the same as the other half of the fleet (which would be a wase of money)

what is wrong with this picture

As someone else said earlier no wonder no one wants to take control or responeability for this place

what next if the extention to sth morang goes ahead will you complain that the doncaster line hasn't started and when they do that then you will have to find the next thing to complain about

some people need to get a life
  Z1_BOY Chief Train Controller

Location: Essendon, Vic (ex Wollongong)
It's good to see the new fabric.... but will the passengers look after them? Nup....  Mad
  comeng301M Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne, VIC
Comeng set 403M - 1018T - 404M was on Williamstown Shuttles yesterday heres a couple of shots I took of the new seat pads in it

  Knowitall Banned

Location: Banned
And these pictures are different to the ones already posted in what way
  The Met Chief Commissioner

Location: 37.55-S /145.01-E
The whole idea behind new seat covers (as well as in Yarra Trams perspective) - if people see that the company cares about the seats, more people will in the end pay respect to that fact, and keep it clean for themselves and other's. But since when was this world so altruistic.

There will always be some nupty to ruin it for everyone. I say publicise the fines for a dollar amount on trains. People need to know its wrong, and to know that it was a punishment.
  Metlink Chief Commissioner

Location: Camberwell Station or on Tram 109 or bus 302
Still haven't been on a set with the new fabrics but from the look of them, they look nice and clean. I don't think they will stay like that for much longer. However that fabric seems to last longer than the traditional EDI.
  xtrap_heaven Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne's Train Network
The Alstom (comeng) seats look very worn out. They are also pretty dirty. I hope they will be replaced. Never really liked the fuzzy fabric anyway...

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