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Quick question: Is Melbourne Yard West Tower still used for anything? Yes, I know that the yard is no longer there, but I've noticed, on various visits to Melbourne, that the tower looks anything but neglected or abandoned (i.e; it still looks as if it's used for something). For evidence, just look at Hotdogpants1's pictures in the "Old V/Line Memorabilia" thread. I know that Franklin Street Box, just across from West Tower, is still used to house signalling relays. Has West Tower been similarly recycled?

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  KEV Chief Train Controller

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West Tower is still a fully functioning (bits and pieces) signal box. Controlling the south dynon area, Melbourne Yard arrivals and up until a few weeks ago Brooklyn, Totty etc (centrol took these)

The lower levels are leased out to other companies.
  VL42 Beginner

Yes, West tower is still in use, it's main role now is the controlling of all train movements from Bunbury street tunnel across North Dynon yard to South kensington and across to Melbourne arrival yards and up to the Good lines from the Viaduct juction at Spencer street, this includes all movement within this area around the various yards.  This also include S.G. moves in this area and movement in and out of the Docks area's.  It also includes the movement of trains/Locomotives to and from the various servicing points.
Still a very important part of rail operations in Melbourne.
  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
Southern Shorthaul used to be in there, as well as a newsagent (who used it as a distribution location).
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Location: Gone to - I don't know..............
Thanks for the info - I never would have guessed! Confused With the on-going standard gauge works in the Spencer Street area, will West Tower's role be enhanced, or stay much the same?
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On the subject of "West Tower"

What Is the future of the Melbourne Steel Terminal ?

I remember reading somewhere that It could be relocated and the railway area swopped with city development.

Where would It go ?

Should the area be revamped Into a better laid out freight terminal
(as the yards east of the city link are very messy, as they were the northern  part of the old Melbourne yard.

Or Is It to hard, so do nothing ?
  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

part of west tower is leased to the age newspaper and the large area at the rear is going to be a paid car park they have resurfaced the area and are going to install 4 ticket machines very soon

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