KRS Tutorial 2 - DEM in your Routes

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Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
With our Railway looking a lil bit flat we shall need some hills. For this we will need some DEM data. Which is available from

The first thing we will have to do is create some folders. Go to your Railsimulator directory (C:/Program Files/RailSimulator/) and create a folder called 'DEM'. In your newly created DEM folder make another called 'SRTM'. In this folder is where you shall place your downloaded .hgt files.

In the end you should have a folder string of  
C:/Program Files/RailSimulator/DEM/SRTM/
and with files in it look something like this

Now that we have succesfully got our DEM data we now have to make it appear in our route .

Load RailSimulator > Load up your route > Go to editor mode

In the top left flyout select the track laying options. Now press 'T'. Now everything will probaly go dark. Don't be afraid our DEM has showed up.

Fly upwards towards the sky then you should see our newly created terrain.

Now for my next tutorial will be how to make marker files followed by laying track.

Happy route building, Stephen

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