Where is Tiboonda (from the film 'Wake in Fright')?

  billybaxter Chief Commissioner

Location: Bosnia Park, Fairfield
Youtube link. Look at Part 1 for an overhead pan. I know the scenes at 'The Yabba' station are the old Sulphide St. in Broken Hill (at 2:00 in Part 11), but not sure about Tiboonda. And was that type of platform with that clock typical at the time or is it something created for the film ?

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  NSWRcars Assistant Commissioner

Youtube link. Look at Part 1 for an overhead pan. I know the scenes at 'The Yabba' station are the old Sulphide St. in Broken Hill (at 2:00 in Part 11), but not sure about Tiboonda.

Having examined the opening scene, where camera pans through 360 degrees, I believe it was filmed at Horse Lake, on the Broken Hill line. In both the film footage and on Google Earth, you can see the remnants of a triangle, which I think was once used for the operation of water trains.

I have attempted to load a Google Earth Placemark in the Downloads section - awaiting verification.
  billybaxter Chief Commissioner

Location: Bosnia Park, Fairfield
That's quite convincing. As the film was shot in Broken Hill, I've presumed that 'Tiboonda' must have been somewhere between there and Menindee, just for the logistics of filming. The name is obviously a reference to Tibooburra/Milparinka, but, no rail line eh. The remains of the triangle, the roads, and the buildings in the film all match what's visible in Google Earth so Horse Lake seems to be it. Thanks for that.
  barryc Chief Train Controller

Location: Waiting for a train to Canungra
It was, most certainly, Horse Lake.  The film company built a set there which burnt down later on.
  billybaxter Chief Commissioner

Location: Bosnia Park, Fairfield
I thought that was solved but I've just noticed (thanks to Rolfe's excellent site)that before 1923 Kinalong (the next station west of Horse Lake) was called 'Horse Lake' , and that a look at Google Earth shows the remains of a triangle there as well on the same side of the line. There's also something a bit more substantial in the place where a building is seen in the opening pan shot mentioned initially. Which 'Horse Lake' was it? I'm presuming the 'Horse Lake' Horse Lake. And while I'm at it, that FO we see; I presume it was hanging around Broken Hill at the time, I can't imagine they'd run one out from Parkes just for that one shot. What would it have normally been used for? Surely not the overnight BH - Parkes train that ran at that period.
  LesS Train Controller

Location: Behind the Camera
I have been waiting for years for "Wake in Fright" to be released on video. It is an outstanding film. It was partly responsible for the NSW Education Dept cancelling its long held policy of forcibly sending newly graduated trainee teachers to remote schools.

The scene with the FO is cut into scenes at Sulphide Street station. It is most likely the shots of the FO were made anywhere but at Sulphide Street. I would think somewhere in Sydney.

Any information of the films availability would be appreciated.
  pawanoro Deputy Commissioner

My understanding is that they are restoring a print at the National Film and Sound Archive and there should be a DVD release sometime after that is completed.
  Warks Minister for Railways

Location: Near H30+059
That is ONE eerie movie - I haven't seen it since I was a teen and it freaked me out then.
I watched the first two clips but I don't think Youtube does it justice.  May have to wait for the DVD.

Look at Wiki for more info.  Apparently the version there is a shortened one.  It was thought no originals survived until one was found in a box marked "For destruction"!
Doesn't seem like there'll be a DVD release any time soon.
  barryc Chief Train Controller

Location: Waiting for a train to Canungra
I just looked at a few scenes on YouTube from the movie.

Tiboonda is, as I have said before, Horse Lake.  The triangle you can see faint remains of in the overview shots dates from the 1950s water trains.
The clock is a bit of artistic licence, although the platform may be the real thing.  There was a similar platform at Warattah which appeared on the back pages of a number of magazines years ago advertising J&B Scotch (or maybe Benson & Hedges cigarettes).

The FO is in a train that pulls up to the platform so it was out there.  It would not have been used on the Horror - No 26 the weekly overnight train from BH to civilisation.

I can't recognise the bar the beer swilling scene was shot in. I always had the idea that it was the Palace Hotel which also starred in Priscilla but I am not sure.

When the schoolteacher goes back  to Tiboonda despite the fact that they are obviously waiting at Sulphide St, the train is headed by a 49 class passing a 3 aspect colour light signal.

When I was 22 I was sent out to Roto as stationmaster.  The Education Department obviously recruited a lot of delicate little flowers.
  LesS Train Controller

Location: Behind the Camera
My understanding is that the film has been "under restoration" now for several years.

The bar scene, as I recall, was not the Palace Hotel but a smaller single story establishment at the other end of town. I can't remember which one.

There are 2 films which have been under restoration now for some time; Wake in Fright and Age of Consent. I saw a partially restored copy of Age of Consent a couple of years ago and all it needed was attention to the sound track. Age of Consent contains a classic scene in a safety zone in Adelaide Street, Brisbane where a clever interchange takes place between James Mason and a paperboy. The scene also features an FM car.
  Rad Locomotive Fireman

Location: Gerringong NSW
Here are the filming locations listed on imdb. There is specific mention of the old Silverton Railway Station. Not sure what scenes
  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
I have attempted to load a Google Earth Placemark in the Downloads section - awaiting verification.

Just looked. It is there and I have just downloaded the file which opens in Google Earth.


Appears to be a remote place for a movie.

  Warks Minister for Railways

Location: Near H30+059
There was a news story last week about the movie and its resurrection.

Good pic of Tiboonda in the story. What is that clock?

  steam3801 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Newcastle
"It will have a limited theatrical release in the winter,....."

For Sydneysiders, sounds a classic option for Palace Cinemas - Norton St, Paddington Twin, etc.

Will be keeping an eye out ... maybe even two eyes .... for this one!!
  pawanoro Deputy Commissioner

There are some clips from the restored version up at the National Film & Sound Archive. Seems to still be on track for a theatrical release soon.
  Warks Minister for Railways

Location: Near H30+059
Looks like the station signed has been 'restored'.

  steam3801 Assistant Commissioner
  SL66 Chief Train Controller

Location: Northbound on the Main South
The restored version of Wake in Fright will be screened next saturday, 13th, at the State Theatre in Market St. I believe that the starting time is 11.30 or 11.45am.

One of the memorable scenes is that of a NSW end patform set departing from Sulphide Street Station. Truly cinematic art.
  wpI7713 Station Master

It's a wonderful film.

The director,  Canadian Ted Kotcheff,was interviewed by Margaret Throsby on ABC FM on her  Wednesday programme.

It was very interesting.

Personally, I think it's one of the insightful films about Australia or  maybe  it was because Ken Cook's novel was so provocative.

Both give  a lot to think about.
  SL66 Chief Train Controller

Location: Northbound on the Main South
It was great to see this film again today. The restoration is excellent. It was also good to hear directly from the Director and the Editor with their production reminiscences.

The most memorable scenes have always been the two-up game and the kangaroo hunt. I had almost forgotten the appalling "restaurant meal" and the daisy chain of beer can ring pulls. The big pan shots at Tiboonda are breathtaking in their scope.

I believe that the previous comments that this was Horse Lake or Kinalung are correct. The water pipeline to Broken Hill is clearly visible in the scenes.

The train is a 49 class (unidentifiable) and 6 or 8 4 wheel trucks, an LFA car and a GHG brakevan.

Although it was made 40 years ago, very little has changed in Australia generally and in remote locations in particular; e.g. Western Qld and the Kimberleys and similar places. I strongly recommend that you see the film on its general release - BUT prepare to be shocked. Some schoolteachers present at the screening recalled seeing it as students in 1971 and leaving the theatre white and shaking with fear. It is not a film for the faint hearted. Don't come back saying that it does not accurately represent Australia as it was 40 years ago because it really does.

It is expected to be available on DVD around November.
  Robster Beginner

I heard Ted Kotceff (Director) interviewed he said  Tiboonda was created for the movie and filmed outside Broken Hill.    I got the impression that the platform was really the only thing there and they just created a sign and stuck it on.  Maybe the pub was just a tin shed, it does seem to be bigger on the inside than the outside.

Can't wait to buy the DVD.  He said something about a theatre release.  I would pay to see it at the movies.   I wonder if there would be enough interest for the big theatre chains to put it on?
  nosecone Chief Commissioner

He said something about a theatre release.  I would pay to see it at the movies.

The film was reviewed on 'At the Movies' last week on ABC1:


For Sydneysiders, it's currently screening in Paddington and Cremorne. It was re-released on Thu 25-Jun.
  Iain Chief Commissioner

Location: Concord, NSW
I also thought the movie was banned by the Barrier Industrial Council at Broken /Hill when it was released. I wonder what will happen now.
  drwaddles In need of a breath mint

Location: Newcastle
I bought this movie on DVD the other week and watched it over the weekend - it was a very, very interesting movie. The 'scenery' aside, I thought it was quite a probing look into certain parts of Australian culture. I can see why it was so controversial when it was released - much like Khe Sanh it confronted a number of aspects of society that were considered 'the norm' and tolerated accordingly.

Does anyone recognise any of the other landmarks in the movie? Having only been to Broken Hill once I do not recognise the streetscapes etc.
  herbgarratt Beginner

Judging from the Google satellite image, and from the obvious imprint of the triangle ('y') that was once there, and the absence of surrounding buildings, it appeass to be Roto?

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