Line north of Murwillumbah

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On Google Earth, I have noticed that an abandoned railway follows the Tweed Valley Way north of Murwillumbah to Condong.

I know that the Murwillumbah line closed in 2004, but what was this section and track and when did it close?


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The line to Condong served a sugar mill IIRC.
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Its been well and truly abandoned for a long time. If you drive down the highway beside it to the Condong Sugar Mill you will see that it ain't really a line any more. I was in the mill a couple of months ago, there is no track in there (it was recently re-engineered and the entire former yard dug up and new buildings in there for green power, etc, etc,)

The track is also broken at one place where a roundabout has been put in place about 1.5 k out of Murwillumbah.
  Xgentric Chief Commissioner

If I may be pedantic, the Murwillumbah line isn't "closed", but officially "Out of Service". It takes an Act of Parliament to declare a line Closed. For the moment it is "safe", but there are vested interest groups that have their eyes on it, or more accurately the land it occupies.
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I took some photos there just before the last train to Murwillumbah (amazingly, they were doing trackwork).  Line to Condong long closed, but still quite visible.
  neety Chief Commissioner  The last photo is of Condong.

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