Bogie nominations worst moderator

  Flatop Deputy Commissioner

Location: Some where in a Cab
Have a vote for the worst moderator.

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  heisdeadjim Chief Commissioner

Only if each vote for "Worst Moderator" includes a vote for oneself as "Worst User".

I know the post above has been reported, not by me.

Mods, I say call his bluff. If he wants to get down and dirty fire back.

Quid Pro Quo, my man!
  Johnmc Moderator

Location: Cloncurry, Queensland
I'm in.  In the highly unlikely event that this category is *not* deep sixed by 574, I nominate myself.

(And of course, if it does go ahead, then nominating myself means I'm instantly disqualified.  Razz )
  Grantham Minister for Railways

Location: I'm with stupid!
Can we make Flatop a guest moderator for a day? Razz

  TheLoadedDog The Ghost of George Stephenson

STB and me.  We're simply frightful, my dears.

Oh, you mean here?

Brutha Maikha is pretty awful, so I'll nominate him.  He came to visit me a few weeks ago, and wouldn't have a beer.  Said he was driving or something, the wuss. What sort of rudeness is that?
  Sir Thomas Bent Minister for Railways

Location: Banned
We're not technically moderators th....

Wait, what?
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Every now and then people get upset and come here and want to restart the Best Flame War Trophy and stuff like that. And then someone wanted the "Strangest Member Bogie" the other day ... I must say, Shocked, there is some new flavour in kiddie foamers and I just dunno what it is.

Bad luck Johnmc you miss out. KRviator wears the Nazi Mod hat.  His anti-gurus were TLD™ and STB.

You can be the Sorceror's Apprentice if you like Mr. Green

On a more serious note, I have deleted one reply in this thread thus far.

A couple of points to consider.

Moderators are here as participants and contributors, and they have the respect of their peers; that's how they became moderators. They also have the right to express their opinions and their points of view. Maikha has been a bit of a trailblazer in this regard, in that he has walked across the coals of fire both as a contributor and a person who responds to the task that he volunteers for, here. He has frequently clarified his values on these forums.

Moderators have the duty (granted by members here) to maintain the forums and the responsibility to fulfil that task in a transparent manner and fashion. No one has the privilege of being a moderator and automatically escapes being responsible for their actions.

They are subject to peer review. This, and their reception by the members here ensures that a form of justice is seen to be done across all forums and to all members.

Flatop, consider:

Behaviour (what you do, and what any moderator does) reveals choices.

You choose to act; nobody makes your choices for you, except you.

Your choices are guided by your values, what you believe to be good, and not good.  Note, that they reveal you, not Maikha, nor any other moderator.

Maikha has defined his values most clearly, and that, often. His actions are transparent, and he gains respect for that. Let's see how you maintain your self respect, hey?

Past is past, leave it in the past.

Now to another matter, which, if you wish to discuss, then go to the other thread...

I hadn't planned on having a Moderator's, Bogie this year, as nobody brought the matter up in the thread where I indicated that changes were coming to the Bogies, notably, a reduction in the number of overall Bogies


If you want a wall for the Mods, then ask for one.
  JTCs2 Deputy Commissioner

Some may consider it as having an axe to grind against any chosen mod

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