steamfreak Assistant Commissioner

Location: Wodonga, VIC
Stopped in at Katamatite station the other day.  Not much left except the silos and some loco ash etc.  We found the turntable pit and abutments as well as the buffer stop.  

A couple of pics posted to http://www.steamfreak.com

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  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
'Scuza mia. Is not digging up the dead.

Went to have a look at the state of the former ROW beyond Dookie. There is a rail trail from Dookie to Yabba South:

Rail trail crosses Saddleback Road-Dookie Road:

Looking towards Yabba South from Saddleback Road:

Small bridge with guard rails near Yabba South:

The rail trail ends near Yabba South:

Former right-of-way recommences near Yabba South:

View of former right-of-way near Yabba South:

Sleepers on former right-of-way at farm entry, Yabba South:

Sleepers on former right-of-way at farm entry, Yabba South:

Sleepers on former right-of-way at another farm entry, Yabba South:

Looking north along former right of way near Yabba South:

What's with all the trees? Schoolchildren planted them as part of a Corridor of Green project:

Approaching Yabba North, a small concrete bridge on the former ROW:

Silos at Yabba North. The galvanised iron (portaloo?) (I didn't look inside account snakes) is actully on the road bed of the former ROW:

Looking towards Katamatite from Yabba North. The camera just about died here:

Actually, I got one more photo, stumps of a former good platform  Question at Yabba North. Then the camera gave it up.

To see what Yabba North looked like in its former days of railway operations, see this on Les Brown's site:

  wurx Lithgovian Ambassador-at-Large

Location: The mystical lost principality of Daptovia
I stopped at the station site last Wednesday, and sad to say but understandable, I found a damn sight less than steamfreak did 5yrs back Sad Admittedly I didn't have the time to spare for a thorough search (trying to make the Guru Cafe for a serve of Moroccan Chickpea Pasta  Wink ), but as the photos evince, not much more than the silos and ashy/fine gravelled areas that suggested there might have been railway tracks thereabouts.




There is also a weighbridge there, but it appeared to be for road traffic, and therefore (IMHO) unworthy of a pic.

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