Railworks 3 TS2012 on sale for xmas

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You guys missed yesterdays special, deluxe edition was $4

Even at $20 its good value

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  KngtRider Chief Commissioner

Location: http://www.nitroware.net
Nickjjww asked about this title

Technically its everything that the original two incarnations of MSTS 2 were supposed to be, however it comes with a small amount of bundled content/routes and what addons are out there may need patching to support the updated game engine.

North East Corridor was released for Railworks 2 but they did not patch it until a short time after Railworks 3 released.

You have visible light beams and shadows through the cab windows and the trains roll about, the sound especally for the GEs is good. A reasonable system is required.

It has been a headline game on STEAM since release so its geting exposure to non gunzel community and occasionaly theres discounting on it, must have for gunzels maybe, but a bit oversold by the  developer though.

Very fun to play with the updated physics but unless you have many addons and especially updated addons your going to get bored quick

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