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Just a quick note about the Railpage Locomotive Database slash Photo Gallery.

Firstly, let me just thank those members who are activly contributing to the photo gallery! Your photos are fantastic, and they're going to be what sets the database and photo gallery apart from every other site on the internet. As a community, we can pool our resources, and get it right.

I do have a couple of small requests that would make the developers lives a lot easier, and ensure your photos are catagorised properly, and thus retained (and not removed).

1. When adding photos to the Railpage Australia group on Flickr, please only add ONE photograph of each train at any given location (unless you've captured trailing locomotives). Duplicate photos WILL be removed, and as such the "best" image from that location may not end up being retained, purely because this is done at the discretion of those of us managing the group. It's not personal, we choose the best photo, and retain it. Obviously if you've chased a train, feel free to put up one shot from each location, as they're all *different* photos of the same locomotive, which adds variety to the collection!

2. Please, PLEASE geotag your photos on Flickr (I'm one to talk, I often forget myself). MGH has created a "map" function of the database to help track individual locomotives and classes based on where people take photos of them, helping tourists from out of state, or even overseas to find a specific class of loco. As part of the community spirit, it helps other people get to photospots they might have only seen in magazines and in other peoples photos. We're all a community here, and it's good to share photospots and good trainspotting locations, especially with those who might only have limited time to shoot each year.

3. When uploading to the Railpage group on Flickr, please tag your photos using the Bookmarklet. Not only does this link automatically add your photo to the Railpage group, it also allows you to tag the leading locomotive and the livery it is painted in. This will ensure your photo is not only in the gallery, but also prominently displayed on the Loco Database, so more people can enjoy it. Some people have been adding tags manually (thanks for trying, but often the tags are incorrect, and this means the photo isn't displayed properly).

4. Please abstain from spamming the Railpage group with photos of your friends, buses and other non-rail related infrastructure. These will be removed at our discretion. Photos of stations, signals, etc are fine, although please use some discretion when adding them!

Photos that do not adhere to these guidelines will be removed from the group. Obviously this isn't intentional, so please re-add them and tag them correctly! MGH, myself and the other admins of the Flickr group are attempting to tag peoples photos for them, but that's less time spent working on the database itself, so it would help immensely if people could attend to this themselves.

Finally, there are a small group of Flickr users who I cannot add tags to their photos for whatever reason (either they've blocked me, or they've blocked people adding tags to their photos) - either add the tags yourselves, or remove the photos from the gallery (as they won't show up properly on the database). I don't mind which, I just want to help ensure that the database is the best resource possible!

Once again, thankyou to everyone contributing, you're going to be what makes the database a success!

For feedback on this please see the original thread in the Locomotives and Rolling Stock forum.

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