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How good is the surveyor on trainz? does it allow you to create dynamic curves like in msts?

What are the features? I have trainz 2004 but I can't really play it til next month when I get a better graphics card

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It is like laying flex track on a model railway. It is alot easier that MSTS in some ways. the only thing is that when laying set track you have to join a normal piece to it. check the Victorian content thread on the forum page to see what has been built for TRS2004 and the earlier versions of trainz.
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evr bothered using the msts editor, it was just a pain. Trainz is basically just point and click. Its like flex track as said before, and the terrain editing is also alot easier to use. Only problem is the actual graphics, to me they are more realistic than MSTS, but still not that good.

Hope you have fun.

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