WANTED! - Models/items you want to look for

  5711 Assistant Commissioner

Hi Guys
This is a long shot but does anyone have an Auscision 422 in candy they want to sell?
Either 42213 or 42215 is needed ( or both )

Can also organise a trade also for other NSW loco's etc ...


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  Btone Locomotive Fireman

Hi all,

Looking for a good number (18+) of auscision nhff hoppers (pacific national, freightcorp & freightrail) in any condition.


  anzac1959 Chief Commissioner

Looking to swap an Austrains yellow "SHELL" 4 wheel tanker for a silver"SHELL"
brand new and not weathered.
  raymond Deputy Commissioner

Location: Gladstone, Queensland
Wanted,Trains feb 2013 issue,did not arrive here. PM me if you have one you have read.

  Chipps Chief Train Controller

Location: NSW
Hi all.

Seeking the following in new, or very good condition. Weathered or as delivered 'pristine'  considered.


The optional extra Intermediate HUB cars. Dark Indian Red with single belt line.

BH2221, FH2228, BH2227 and FH2231.

Also consider intermediate cars from the two five car packs in this scheme.

I don't mind doubling up on numbers.

Please PM with any offers.

  jd4980 Chief Commissioner

Location: Grafton
A few long shots here.....WANTED to SWAP

Trainorama 4908 in Indian Red for 4918 in Candy
Trainorama 4202 in Indian Red for 4206 in Indian Red
Auscision 42205 as Original for 42219 with L7

All of the above as new, never run and in original packaging expecting the same in return.

  645edude Train Controller

Location: In my own little 1/87 world
Hi All
Wanted a SJM 47cl cab brass etch if anyone has one spare.
Mathew Hughes
  mitch01 Train Controller

Location: Sebastopol, Vic
Hi all

I am after a couple of sets of the Aberdeen meats decals for a couple of FMW's (think that is is anyway).
I have a couple of these that need to be finished but the decals supplied have been destroyed.
Apart from contacting the maker is there anyone else that makes these?
Or if someone has some they want to sell PM me.

  NSWGRules Locomotive Fireman

Hello all,

I'm looking for some Eureka Bogie Sheep Vans (BSV), Eureka CHG (Guards van) to add to my collection.  The finer details are terrific - so anyone who has lost interest or changing eras, PM me please.  Also looking for NSW steam, Tuscan/ Indian red diesels, passenger or goods wagons, including Trainorama 47 & 49 + Peco code 75 track.   Happy modelling. Smile
  lms6201 Beginner

wheels and ,or bogies , or whathave u , lms6201@bigpond.com.au  or ph 0412708957 other stuff in 3.5 considered , steve
  TheMeddlingMonk Deputy Commissioner

Location: The Time Vortex near Melbourne, Australia
Looking for some Overland decals to rename some Lima Overland sleepers and renumber a few AJs. Must suit the V&SAR Maroon and Silver livery.

Please PM me if you have any.

  645edude Train Controller

Location: In my own little 1/87 world
Hi All
Wanted a SJM 47cl cab brass etch if anyone has one spare.
Mathew Hughes
Nudge nudge anyone got a kit they want to sell???

Mathew Hughes
  SAR_enthusiast Train Controller

Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Hi everyone

Im am on the look out for the following items;

A fully constructed BGB models M van in the TNT livery

And also

1 or 2 Victorian or SAR (BE) E type Cars in either livery

I am happy to negotiate on price

  steve_w_1990 Junior Train Controller

Location: Trying to fix something on the PTA Network
Hello All

I know its a long shot, but I am on the lookout for some Eureka 38 class spare parts.

I need some coupling rods and accociated screws for my loco, (or a complete working chassis) and a complete tender (DC or DCC is fine, any colour and any number is fine also).

PM me if you have any of those spares available.


Steve Williamson
  anzac1959 Chief Commissioner

Ring Eureka he has plenty especially if you need it as a spare both chassis and tenders Ive bought a few chassis put one under a Lima 38 and built 3801 off his special table and 6025 from bits that needed tweeking. The 3801 tender had a short in the decoder and I had it repaired for $20 also with sound. Epping is on in a couple of weeks he will no doubt have some there.
  J514 Deputy Commissioner

Location: somewhere on the broad gauge
WANTED, PSM BCE PM me if you have one to sell.
  bjviper Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisvegas
Chasing some Lima 72'6" carriage parts.  Specifically I'm wanting the carriage sides/doors from smooth sided non-crownlight models like the MFE.  Would be happy with damaged or incomplete models, or leftovers from your previous conversions/kitbashes.

Please PM if you can help.

  speedemon08 Mary

Location: I think by now you should have figured it out
Looking for a Norfolk Southern SD70M-2 (MTH or Athearn EXCEPT #2658.), Non sound for around the $190 mark, Sound for $250
  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Hi all,
I am looking for a Hornby Skaledale Range "Skaledale East Waiting Room" code R8856.
Preferably in new/mint condition.
Willing to pay a good price.
  andrewstrains Assistant Commissioner

Location: Townsville, Where else but QLD
Hi all,

Does anyone have a spare set of KD mounts to suit a Powerline 81/G or BL they wish to sell?

  LSB10 Station Master

After a Far North Hobbies 3900 class kit.

PM if you can assist.

  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Hi all,
I am after an Auscision 42220 super series, preferably new/mint condition.
I am willing to pay any reasonable cost.
Please PM if you can help.
  SARenthusiast Station Staff

Looking for SAR Steel passenger cars
500, 600 or 700 doesn't matter which. seeking at least two.
  John_Bushell Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane
If anyone has one or more of the following flat top T class, Trainorama S or an Auscision CE van in HO drop me a PM.
Best regards,
  VR_King Junior Train Controller

Evening all, I have 2 units of a few Auscision E cars. I would like to swap for other cars so I don't double up on numbers.

Looking to swap
VPC - 1 (AE crimson car)
VPC - 5 (AE bright red)
VPC - 10 (ABE bright red)

Looking to swap for single packs      VPC - 2,6,7 or 8. Or any of the cars from the multiple packs. Also if you want to do a deal for a CE van please contact me.

All units are brand new still in the plastic film, completely sealed.

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