Geelong Councillor wants Geelong trams

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Location: Geelong
We could see trams rattling back along Malop Street if a Geelong Councillor gets his way.
Tony Ansett is proposing to bring back the trams to run from the Geelong train station to Eastern Gardens.
He says there is still a tram line under the tar in Malop Street.
Councillor Ansett believes the public transport alternative could be spread out across the region in stages, including connecting the Corio train station to Corio Village.
He says he can already get two trams from Bendigo.
Link: BayFM news report

Interesting read on a number of points.
I love reading about the history of Geelong trams, but hadn't realised that the tram tracks are still in place albeit covered by ashphalt and tar (and would presumably need replacing if dug up for remedial works) along Malop Street.

And a tram route between the station and Eastern Gardens would be fantastic, though Eastern Gardens?
I would have thought taking the line as far as Newcomb shopping centre on the Bellerine Hwy would have been more reasonable (as it would pass Bellarine Village shopping centre and Newcomb library as well).

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  don_dunstan The Ghost of George Stephenson

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It's a really good idea - Geelong is probably an ideal size for a small light-rail network radiating out from the city and it's also one of our fastest growing municipalities.  It could be a good alternative to building a heavy-rail branch to the Bellarine and Torquay but as with everything else at the moment, it's hard to imagine where the money is going to come from.  It's particularly difficult when you have a State Government that's apparently apathetic to public transport.

The buried tracks almost certainly will not be up to modern standards and will probably need to be replaced anyway.  Brisbane has the same situation - they were in such a hurry to get rid of their trams they simply tarred over the top of them.  I believe in Brisbane's case that their tracks were relatively high quality, mostly concrete encased.
  Myrtone Chief Commissioner

Location: North Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
Ballarat and Bendigo both retain sections of track for heritage use, could Geelong open a heritage tramway and use that as the basis for a modern system?
  xxxxlbear Token Booking Clerk

Location: Geelong
There is certainly room in the city streets for it.

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