McIvor Tramway, Tooborac, Victoria - free download from LRRSA website

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The next book to be published by the LRRSA will probably deal with the McIvor Timber & Firewood Company's 5ft 3in gauge tramway which ran north of Tooborac, in Victoria. Hopefully this will be published later this year.

Many people may not know much about this tramway, and in order to give some background the LRRSA has now made available on our website a copy of a booklet which was prepared for an LRRSA tour on 15 July 1972.

The booklet, which consists of 16 A4 pages, may be downloaded from this webpage:

A lot more information has been found since it was published, and the new book will have about 96 pages, and lots of illustrations.

Bear in mind the booklet is over 40 years old. It is mostly accurate in so far as it goes, but:

(i) References to the Graytown line are misleading, as the tramway did not actually go to Graytown. Some of the other nomenclature for these lines east of Redgate forest has changed since that document was prepared.

(ii) All references to the cylinder stroke and driving wheel diameters of the Moguls are wrong, the correct dimensions were only found in April 2013.

(iii) References to a junction in the Redgate Forest are also misleading. There may or may not have been a junction in there. This is explored in some depth in the section "Enigmatic spurs and feeders" in the new book.



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Thanks for posting...a very interesting story indeed. Smile

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