Celebration of the Open of the Railway to Goulburn 26th May 2013

  hellraiser Chief Train Controller

Location: Newcastle, NSW

any one thinking of going to this...

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  Salty21 Junior Train Controller

Location: Canberra
I thought that 3016 suffered damage up at Maitland during the great train race a hot box or eccentric link. Could be wrong though !
  Duffy Chief Commissioner

Location: ACT
Had a hot big end over both days of operation at Maitland. This was repaired at Rtm before the engine returned to Canberra.
  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

I understand that at this stage due to lack of ticket sales 3016 will not be used. Train will be diesel hauled instead. It would be worth checking on Friday to see if a last minute surge in sales has made it worth while to use the steamer.
  hellraiser Chief Train Controller

Location: Newcastle, NSW
That's a shame we had already booked the motel was staying over the weekend, oh well some video of the 44 will be nice anyway.  Thanks for passing on the info Bevan
  Jajb94 Deputy Commissioner

Location: In a BAM
I regret to inform you that, due to stay repairs (the reason 3016 did not run the last market day train was a broken stay), 3016 is unavailable for service. And low ticket numbers have resulted in it being uneconomical to source a steam engine from elsewhere.

The train shall be push pull with 4403 and 4807 doing the work.
  hellraiser Chief Train Controller

Location: Newcastle, NSW
Some video of day



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