Century Old NSW Sleeping Cars Reach The End OF THE Line

  Terry Boardman Beginner

Location: Queenscliff NSW
Sad to hear that the three old ex-NSWR sleeping cars at the Zig Zag Railway are beyond repair and the Railway has invited expressions of interest for their removal at no cost.
According to the records I can find it is well over 50 years since the Zig Zag Railway obtained them and they have performed well since then as members sleeping, cooking and eating amenities - first for a short time at Petersham and for much longer at the Bottom Points Depot of Zig Zag.
VAM892 was built in 1903, LAM1250 in 1907, and EAM1299 in 1908, and all were built in NSWR workshops.
Vale faithful servants

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  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

Terry, have you got a link to this news please?
  9034 Train Controller

There is another thread http://www.railpage.com.au/f-t11374526.htm

With more details


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