Vale: Peter Berriman

  exarmidale Train Controller

This email from Heritage Express says it all!

It is with regret that the NSW Rail Transport Museum (RTM) has to inform everyone that Peter Berriman passed away early in the morning of 21 May 2013.  Peter fell victim to a very aggressive cancer of the tongue and throat, he was diagnosed with this illness in September 2012

Peter served the RTM in many roles since 1996.  Peter will be best remembered as a long serving Chairman of the RTM, a role he filled from 2004 to April this year.  Peter worked tirelessly, unpaid, for the RTM and community based organisations in Wollondilly Shire, where the RTM’s main site at Thirlmere is located.  Peter’s work in Wollondilly centred on the theme of developing the shire, in the Wollondilly Tourism Association and the Wollondilly Council’s Economic Advisory Group.

The RTM is a community based, not for profit voluntary organisation, that maintains a museum which keeps some of its exhibits in running order, to take the rail heritage experience out to people all over NSW.  Peter worked with the Heritage Brach of the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage to develop new standards of conservation for locomotives, rolling stock and other railway ephemera, which the Heritage Branch had no prior experience with.

Peter’s unstinting efforts in ensuring that the RTM both met and anticipated changes in rail safety legislation, along with sharing this experience with other rail heritage organisations, has placed the RTM in high stead with safety regulatory bodies.

Thanks to Peter’s substantial submission to the ‘All Aboard — A Fresh Start for Transport Heritage in NSW' report, the RTM can look forward to a bright future in rail heritage, building on its 50 years of experience in co-operation with the NSW Government and other rail heritage organisations.

Vale, Peter Berriman

We will miss you Mate!

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  lsrailfan Chief Commissioner

Location: Somewhere you're not
Another Victim of this Hideous Disease known as Cancer, My Condolences go out to his mates at the R.T.M , And his friends and family

Kind Regards
  c3526blue Deputy Commissioner

Location: in the cuckoos nest
I wish to extend my condolences and sympathy to Peter's family and all of his friends at the RTM and in the Rail Heritage Sector.

A very sad end to such a fruitful and energetic life.

May all your trains run on time and be full of passengers or freight.

Happy steaming,

  4426 Chief Commissioner

Wow one of the handful of people at the RTM I actually still had respect for when I left.

RIP Peter Berriman
  ssaunders Chief Train Controller

Yes, a bloke who stood his ground for the best he could get for the RTM.


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