Gawler line wrong track running!

  Guard Class 2 Chief Commissioner

Location: Elizabeth,South Australia
Got told yesterday, then saw some notices myself today about this.

The last Up service from Gawler to the City is apparently running on the wrong (Down) track from 1st to 20th June.
One sign at Adelaide Station informed commuters that said train would depart Gawler from Platform 1 every night except Friday nights.
Another sign at Elizabeth says the last train will be departing from Platform 1 at Elizabeth as well.

My questions are:
Where do they change over to the Up track?


Not to mention signalling issues too.

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  justapassenger Minister for Railways

What is most surprising about the notice on the website is the ambiguity - it's entirely up to the average reader to decide whether it affects Gawler station or the entire length of the line! Looks like somebody forgot the "check it makes sense" step before publishing it.

The reason stated on the website notice is "track maintenance" which could well mean anything.

If it is to be departing from Elizabeth on the wrong track, that would have it running on the wrong line as far south as the approach to Salisbury thanks to there being no crossovers* between the one north of Salisbury and the pair just south of Gawler. If that's the case then the second-last train to Gawler will have to cop an eight minute delay at Salisbury while it waits for the wrong line train to get to that point.

There's nothing wrong with trains departing Gawler from platform 1 as all three platforms have the signals and necessary crossovers to go both ways. If it was just Gawler though, a notice probably wouldn't be necessary at all since platforms 1-2 are the opposite faces of the same physical island platform. What happens with level crossings between there and Salisbury could be interesting though.

* before anybody points out the turnback siding north of Elizabeth, that has never been in service. It might count as "in service" only by the measure of David Peters though, along with the likes of the Roseworthy, Mount Gambier and Appamurra lines.
  Guard Class 2 Chief Commissioner

Location: Elizabeth,South Australia
As discussed previously in another thread, those points near Elizabeth have had the switchblades removed, so they are inoperable.
As to whether they are "In service" or not, I will leave that up to wiser heads. After all, they have been installed and (one presumes) paid for.
  GN4472 Deputy Commissioner

Back in the mid 1990s, parts of the Gawler line were single line working due to track work, yes the signalling was set up for it, but the level crossings weren't. The trains were slowing down at each level crossing while working, "Wrong line" as the crossing signals did not activate until the train was at the crossing.
  pafcmachine Junior Train Controller

Location: Adelaide SA
Probably the rail remediation/grinding programme they are running.

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