Railmotors to Oaklands


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  Spletsie Chief Commissioner

Terrific pictures, VRfan.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Norda Fittazroy
I like the sign on the front - "LOST"Laughing
  NR1 Locomotive Fireman

Location: Warrnambool
Nice shots!
Does Oaklands have much of a station these days? Could the passengers disembark there?
  Bogong Chief Commissioner

Location: Essendon Aerodrome circa 1980
Nice video of the first passenger train on the regauged line.

But I have to admit that seeing that thing on our side of the border just seems weird to me. It's unlike anything ever seen down here, the only 2 unit vintage railcar I've seen in Victoria before now is a 280 HP Walker.
  Taitset Chief Commissioner

Location: Eltham, (former) vintage safeworking capital of Melbourne
Nice shots!
Does Oaklands have much of a station these days? Could the passengers disembark there?
There's no station remaining at Oaklands, passengers were able to disembark via a set of stairs.

Great shots as usual James!
  Albert Chief Commissioner

Seems 621/721 is a collision magnet. Striking rubbish left on the track on the QLD tour and cleaning up a roo and a sheep on this one.
  VRfan Moderator

Location: In front of my computer :-p
When I travelled on the CPH's out to Cobar in 2011, we cleaned up a number of feral goats, so it's not just 621/721 Wink
  stopblock Junior Train Controller

Location: Planet Earth
Nice shots!
Does Oaklands have much of a station these days? Could the passengers disembark there?

Well it did have in 1973 when I was there.
In fact the station building (NSWGR A4 type by the looks of it) as well as the other yard buildings gave it very much a NSW look and feel to the place.
The third rail was a bit of a give-away that VR could visit, but not on the day I was there, as NSW had tied the place up with two trains in town!
Who would have thought when I took these shots that 40 years later a standard gauge 620/720 from the Victorian side would be the only way to get there by rail!


When we arrived on CPH1, we pulled into the platfrom and stopped just short of the 48 and van, where the relief crew (that had travelled out with us on the CPH) changed places and the crew being relieved, took their break.


CPH1 then retreated into a short SG siding and allowed the 48 advance up the platform ready for departure and gave me the opportunity to get a shot of some mixed gauge trackwork.


CPH1 then came back into the platform (allowing me to get a better photo next to the station building)
Apart from the third rail, there is nothing that suggests any VR influence on this outpost.
  VRfan Moderator

Location: In front of my computer :-p
Interesting photos. Thanks for posting that.

Here's the scene today for a comparison


  diszbikable Station Staff

They are some great photos of Oaklands in the 70's. I am slowly researching Oaklands to start a HO layout. Do you have any more pictures of Oaklands from the 60's / 70's or any of the former dual gauge yard.

In particular, any pictures of the following would be greatly appreciated:
- Carriage and loco sheds
- Stock sidings
- Railway station
- Goods shed (Which I think is a G3????)

Any photos will be helpful.

Thank you.

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