VR T Gauge Layout "Littleton"

  Zomer Train Controller

Location: Latrobe Valley, Victoria
Wow where do I start?  
It has been some time since I have posted here. I have been very busy with my layout build as well as developing both 3d rollingstock and 3d buildings. For those who follow my "Victorian T Gauge" page on Facebook this information isn't new. Rather than post photos of the build I simply post photos of how it is now. Ill upload build photos to the Victorian T Gauge blog (victorian-tgauge.blogspot.com) soon.

Here is a photo of the completed layout during the Latrobe Valley Model Railway Association's exhibition in Morwell.

Here is a photo of my station and yard. The station and footbridge are items available from TGauge.com. I made the platforms from scratch using styrene and covered them in fine sandpaper to give them texture.  Im currently 3d designing a VR station.

One of my "mini-scenes". This scene is a man who has cut down a tree, chopping it up and loading it into his ute. Note he does have a little dog with him

View from the back of the layout. Can see the kids fishing by the creek. This photo was taken when the ballast was drying.

This photo best displays the signal box, bridge and scratch built semaphore signal. The signal is made from styrene. Even the ladder is hand made. NEVER AGAIN THOUGH!!!! The next one will be brass etched!!
The signal box has windows and was painstakingly hand-painted. Ultimately ill put a light inside.

Still have heaps to do. Lots of fine detailing to go. I have 5 more exhibitions this year.  The next exhibition will be Stawell.

For those interested in more build photos and up to date information, I have set up a Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/VictorianTGauge

Victorian T Gauge

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  aussiebbq Assistant Commissioner

Location: Ballarat, Australia
Very good Zomer, looks a fantastic little layout. I have been following the t gauge blog for some time watching the progress of Orbost but it is good to see another layout on the go. Keep up the good work.

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