Overhaul call on guards with guns at Melbourne train station

  Peter Spyker Train Controller

What a load of alarmist bulltwang.

With all of the databases that are already out there (Births, deaths and marriages, Vicroads, utility companies and of course the police themselves) Vicpol already have this basic information. Simply getting peoples information in the case of an incident is basic policing, to suggest it would be just to end up in some database somewhere is frankly a bit of a joke.
The article is pointing out that they are also doing this in cases where there was no incident at all.

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  Speed Minister for Railways

I heard that protective services officers at Flinders Street Station observed a fire across the intersection from The Clocks yesterday, thereby preventing the destruction from an act of arson on St Paul's Cathedral. Inner Melbourne has recently seen a serial arsonist damage items incluing buildings like a Greek Orthodox church.

With his interest and background in architecture, former Premier Ted Baillieu may well think that, in preventing this damage on a significant church, the protective services officers plan has now paid for itself.

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